Brewskis Beverage Service Helps Bars and Restaurants Give Customers the Perfect Pour as Reopenings Begin

Mike Saylor, owner of Brewskis Beverage Service, and his team of certified technicians know draft beer systems installation and repair.

The hospitality business has taken a hit from COVID-19. A big one. Yet, as bars and restaurants begin their much-anticipated reopenings in the new normal, the pressure is on to make the customer’s experience an especially positive one. Brewskis Beverage Service works behind the scenes to make that happen.

“Any owner of an establishment that serves draft beer will tell you there is a lot more that goes into the perfect pour than the pull of a handle,” said Mike Saylor, founder, Brewskis Beverage Service. “From the taps that catch the consumer's eye and boost sales, to the perfectly flushed beer lines to ensure fresh taste, to the water spray guns that rinse any overspill before the handoff - and on from there.”

And this Navy veteran and beer connoisseur should know. For the past 25 years, he has honed his craft at the hands of drought system experts and grown his draft beer system installation and repair business from a home garage-based venture to a national leader in the industry. In that time, Brewskis Beverage Service has earned its rightful reputation as the go-to for quality and craftsmanship whether clients are pouring domestic, import or craft beer.

Today, Brewskis Beverage Service handles all aspects of beer and tap system design, installation, maintenance, cleaning and repair. Its team of certified technicians are trained experts in all types of systems and equipment, including countertop machines, bar guns and taps. It also prides itself on its custom beer tower designs developed to turn heads, call out the client’s brand and help with marketing goals. The company is known for carrying parts and fittings for any system make or model and its ability to fix breaks and leaks on the spot. It even offers an emergency repair service.

“People in the bar and restaurant business are some of the most hardworking and passionate people I know. My company takes great pride in being there to support them in putting their best foot forward and maximizing their earning potential as they welcome back the public,” said Saylor. “Likewise, brewers put their blood, sweat and tears into their products. If the system behind it isn’t top-notch, it affects the consistency, flavor and ultimately, their brand reputation.”

Based in Orange County, California, Brewskis Beverage Service is a member of the Brewers Association – which promotes craft beer - and offers nationwide commercial installation and service. For more information, go to

Media Contact: Mike Saylor at or (949) 375-1186

Source: Brewskis Beverage Service


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