Brand Labs Introduces Volusion App for Android

Volusion ecommerce specialists, Brand Labs, have released Volusion Snapshot, a free revenue tracking app for the Android mobile platform.

Brand Labs, an ecommerce studio specializing in custom design and development for the Volusion shopping platform, has introduced a revenue-tracking app for Android mobile users: Volusion Snapshot.

Austin, Texas-based Volusion offers a market leading ecommerce platform to a client list that ranges from first-time online merchants to Fortune 500 companies.

"It's the strength of the platform that made us decide to focus on Volusion," explained Kevin Harman, Brand Labs' president. "We do everything we can to serve our customers in the best possible way, that includes making sure they're on the best available shopping cart."

As part of that effort to better serve their customers, Brand Labs developed Volusion Snapshot, a revenue tracking app available as a free download through the Android Market.

"We're Volusion merchants ourselves," Harman continued. "We know that revenue is the one piece of data you want at your fingertips at all times. That doesn't change when you're away from your computer, so we made Volusion Snapshot. We made it for the whole Volusion community, but it turns out that I'm using it kind of obsessively. If I have too much time on my hands, I play with it like it's a video game - just hitting refresh over and over and watching my score go up."

Volusion Snapshot offers a high level overview of the user's online Volusion store and its performance, showing daily, monthly, annual and year-over-year revenue totals at the push of a button. The app also allows for multiple secure logins operating simultaneously, with the ability to move easily between each Volusion merchant account.

Officially released to the Android Market in early January, Volusion Snapshot currently holds a five star rating (as of this writing). Brand Labs has also released a version of Volusion Snapshot for the iPhone - available in the App Store.