Brand Labs and Google Analytics Add Depth to Rugged Bear's Online Operation

Brand Labs, Certified Google Analytics Consultants, use the wealth of information available through Google Analytics to help build robust web stores for clients including The Rugged Bear and National Geographic.

Rochester, MI - Brand Labs, a boutique eCommerce agency, relies heavily on the information available through the use of Google Analytics to build strong and successful online stores for clients large and small, including The Rugged Bear - a chain of brick and mortar stores scattered across America's east coast.

"Some months ago" remembers Kevin Harman, Brand Labs' president, "we began to work with Rugged Bear. They're well established in the eastern region of the U.S, but they'd been struggling for some time with their online identity. Our plan was to create a web store that reflected the feel of their real-world stores, but with an optimized online experience for their new, wider audience. Our first move was to attack their analytics."

Harman went on to explain how analysis of each client's analytics are critical in forming a plan, not just for marketing, but for design as well. To his mind, the worst case scenario is a client who's never installed any analytics of any kind.

"Even someone who's installed the analytics improperly might luck out and provide us with a little bit of useful information, purely by accident, but if there's no info then you have to dig your way out of a hole before you can start building. In Rugged Bear's case, they had (another brand of analytic service) installed, and it was done incorrectly - a perfect storm of badness."

Brand Labs responded by immediately installing Google Analytics properly on the existing site so they could gather as much data as possible in the design planning stages. They gathered enough information in a brief period to help guide the design and navigation structure for optimal user experience.

Harman summed the experience this way, "We've learned a lot from our previous experience with our larger clients, like National Geographic and the Red Hat Society. When you have a site that's getting significant traffic, Google Analytics is critical for every stage of your eCommerce strategy."

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