Brand Labs Introduces the Next Level in Consumer Outreach - The Audisonic Identiglyph

Brand Labs - eCommerce innovators for well over almost a decade minus a few years - has shaken the marketing industry to its very core with the introduction of The Audiosonic Identiglyph.

In a bold effort to seek out new marketing avenues, Brand Labs has developed a groundbreaking technology for use by the online retailing community: The Audiosonic Identiglyph.

The Audiosonic Identiglyph is based on the simplest marketing principal of all: tell the public what you do and where you can be found. Brand Labs' onsite crypto-symbologists create a unique, defining Identiglyph for each client. Within each Identiglyph is all of the critical information that any potential customer would need to identify the client's core competency and where they can be found.

Once the Identiglyph is created, Brand Labs' in-house programming and development staff converts the image to an audio file using the judicious application of the Goertzel algorithm and dual-tone multi-frequency signaling technology. That completed Audiosonic Identiglyph is then converted to a spiraling, unbroken groove of varying depth that is then pressed into common vinyl - ready to be accessed through the use of the simple and ubiquitous phonograph. That series of tones can then be broadcast on the public airwaves (as regulated by local and federal governing bodies) to be discovered and decoded by an entirely new (and previously unknown) clientele.

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, Brand Labs will introduce the Audiosonic Identiglyph at an incomparable gala to be held at Detroit's Steak Hut restaurant from 9am until 2pm. Entertainment will be provided by FAWN, a local music ensemble whose efforts appear on the reverse side of the inaugural Audiosonic Identiglyph. Fried potatoes and toast will be provided by Constantine "Gus" Kanakis, owner and proprietor of The Steak Hut (widely reported to be Detroit's oldest diner).

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