BitForex Announces Risk Control Advisor Mr. Henry Jiang


BitForex is a top ten digital-asset exchange on CoinMarketCap's global ranking of exchanges. It not only offers main coins for users to trade on, as well as it has over a hundred high-quality projects listed and has recently added digital derivatives to its portfolio of services. BitForex is also about to launch its own token, the BF Token.

The exchange has already gathered an impressive team of investors, media partners and advisors to make BF Token a complete success. Now, BitForex has just confirmed Mr. Henry Jiang as its risk control advisor.  

Mr. Henry Jiang is the director of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch Global Banking, and Market Treasury Service, managing the end to end processes by leveraging advanced analytics and FinTech initiatives including blockchain. He also leads emerging business technology initiatives and program management.

Before joining Bank of America, Mr. Jiang already served as a principal advisor from IBM in Risk, Fraud and Compliance space working for global banks, and has been doing it for over 15 years. In that capacity, he was promoted to solution executive after firm’s international rotation program (APAC, EMEA, and LATAM) and worked on consulting engagements in 40+ countries. Prior to that, he was chief architect specialized in cryptography in a FinTech start-up for 5 years.

Mr. Jiang graduated from Computer Communication from TongJi University in Shanghai, China. He was a NASA and NSF funded scholar and pioneer in Nano-satellite telemetry with a graduate degree in Computer Engineering on secure communication. He was nominated as top talent (<0.01%) in firm’s leadership program and sponsored by the firm on Executive MBA program from University of Texas at Austin on International Finance and Risk, Information and Operation Management (IROM). Henry is CFA Institute Member and GARP Certified Financial Risk Manager and frequent speaker in various financial industry associations such as SIFMA and SIBOS.

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Source: BitForex


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