BitForex Announces Mr. Haobo Ma as Tech Adviser

BitForex is a digital-asset trading platform which is growing in an exponential speed. Not only has BitForex increased the amount of its listed high-quality currencies, but it also had an enormous increase in its user base after the platform upgrade in the beginning of July. These factors alone took BitForex to the 4th position on CoinMarketCap in the ranking of exchanges.

BitForex counts on a highly professional and experienced team to run its successful operations. In light of launching its own platform token, namely BF Token, BitForex is bringing in an important and valuable adviser in order to make this project a complete success.

On July 10, 2018, BitForex officially announced Mr. Haobo Ma as one of its Tech Advisers. The experience and expertise of Mr. Ma will play an important role in the development of the BF Token.

Mr. Haobo Ma is known worldwide for being a Blockchain expert and an early user of cryptocurrencies, as well as the founder of aelf, CEO of Hoopox, ex-CTO of GemPay and AllCoin, and a member of the Commission of Chinese Institute of Electronics.

Name: Daniel R.

Source: BitForex

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