Bed-Wetting - the HealthyStart™ Fix Is In! Free Evaluations in Irvine, CA on July 23 and Atlanta, GA on Aug. 6 From HealthyStart™

No Shame, No Blame, the Bed-wetting FIX IS IN! HealthyStart™ offers free dental evaluations in Irvine, CA and Atlanta, GA for a non-evasive treatment option for happier, healthier child.

  Scheduled in Irvine, CA, on July 21-23 and Atlanta, GA on August 5 - 6, Ortho-Tain's™️ HealthyStart™️ system is being taught to Dentists, Orthodontist, ENT's and Pediatricians in the CE Lecture Series focused on Sleep Disordered Breathing and it's many resolvable symptoms to include bed-wetting while also producing Straight Teeth- No Braces.  Yes, there is a link between all these conditions!

Bed-wetting is tied to Sleep Disordered Breathing and just one of dozens of symptoms addressed very successfully with the HealthyStart™ treatment system.

Many children have a very personal challenge saddled with overwhelming shame, confusion, and frustration.  Over 18%, roughly 1 in 5 children are bed-wetters.  Most parents probably would not know this because of course it is the family privately involved, that suffers in silence. Often times pediatricians and family doctors can be unaware that there is and has been, a safe solution that is passive and has additional benefits for the overall health of your child. 

The HealthyStart™️ treatment solution, was developed in an advanced, passive, drug-free and pain free orthodontic appliance that when worn at night sets up the right breathing condition to halt the bed-wetting event.  It is comforting for both the child and their parents to learn that it is not a matter of control and they should never feel shame or embarrassment. There is a solution and it has been available now for about 50 years.

"Bring your child to learn more about the other conditions it also addresses for a life of better health," said Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO.

The free evaluations are scheduled on LIVE PATIENT DAY: 


When:    Saturday - July 23, 2016

Time:     9:00am - 1:00pm PDT

Where:  Irvine Marriott
               18000 Von Karman Avenue
               Irvine, CA 92612
               Tel: (949) 550-0100

Register for event: 

1-844-Kid-Healthy   -or email-


When:    Saturday - August 6, 2016

Time:     2:30pm - 5:00pm ET

Where:  Sheraton, Atlanta Hotel
               165 Courtland Street NE
               Atlanta, GA 30303
               Tel: (866) 716-8134

Call now to register a time for your evaluation on Saturday, July 23th in Irvine, California and August 6th in Atlanta, GA. There is no cost to you for Healthystart™ doctors to evaluate your child and there are local doctors that will be there and available to work with your family.   

The HealthyStart™️ addresses bed-wetting, crooked and crowded teeth, snoring, mouth breathing, behavior that mimics ADD/ADHD, arrested growth and development, chronic allergies, swollen adenoids and tonsils, emotional impact of sleep deprivation and depression, aggressive behavior, difficulty in school and nightmares.

This treatment permanently corrects the breathing habits that lead to the bed-wetting but also to other very serious conditions that may not seem as pressing as the bed-wetting, but that are also very important in terms of overall health for the remainder of your child's life. These patterns can become permanent and lead to serious lifelong health consequences.

"In a roundabout way, bed-wetting sounds an alarm to more trouble ahead as Sleep Disordered Breathing, SDB, is taking root and running the show while your child is sleeping. Don’t wait, wake up to this pattern while you can still fix it," said Dr. Bergersen.

Parents are welcome to help their child take back their life and alter these oral breathing habits and patterns with the use of the HealthyStart™️ appliances worn at night, all while the children are sleeping better.

Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO  “We like to start the children as young as possible, from the age of a toddler to when they are still in their pre-adolescent growth phase for a permanent result that corrects these many health risks that could extend through the remainder of the child’s life.”   

There are roughly 27 symptoms that line up with SDB and bed-wetting is just one of them.  Albeit a huge challenge in self-esteem, to now understand why it is happening and fixing it takes the sense of guilt and responsibility off the child and puts it squarely at the source or root cause.  It is an identifiable breathing disorder that impacts the overall system and when it is corrected, the body adjusts to halt the bed-wetting and other symptoms.

A restricted airway and improper mouth breathing instead of nasal breathing, leads to a lack of oxygen and REM State sleep that effects the overall chemistry of the body when the child is sleeping. It is a domino, cause and effect event that produces bed-wetting.  'No shame no blame.'

The HealthyStart™️ treatment will allow the child to breath properly as it retrains the position of the tongue to the top of the mouth, promotes nasal breathing and adjusts and aligns the jaw to keep it from dropping back against the airway. 

The HealthyStart™️ invites families in Irvine, CA and Atlanta, GA with children to have their teeth checked by World Famous Orthodontist, Dr. Bergersen and other doctors coming to town to meet them!  Attending the event will educate you on a successful treatment plan and a new understanding of how marvelous and intricate the body operates when it functions as nature intended.  

HealthyStart™ is that rare holistic approach that parents line up with as a safe, drug-free, pain-free, FDA approved passive guide to retrain the way a child breathes.  For those interested, please watch this video and see what doctors, parents and even kids have to say about HealthyStart™️

View The HealthyStart™️ Lecture, Orlando FL:

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