Author Interviews Fantasy Football Players for Report With Game-Changing Potential

The Fantasy Football Strategy Report - The Insider Playbook

Michael Henby and about 60 million other people in the United States and Canada share a common hobby. Some may even call it an obsession. They all love fantasy sports. In particular, fantasy football.

For the past several months, Henby has interviewed more than 100 of his fellow fans and players to find out their strategies, frustrations, philosophies and how they plan to approach the 2019 NFL season. The resulting information will be compiled to what he is calling The Fantasy Football Strategy Report – The Insider Playbook and shared with all interview participants in late August - at no cost.

During the remainder of this summer, he plans to double those efforts by encouraging fantasy league players around the country to complete a 10-minute online interview at Their insights will be included to the report, which he will distribute to them in time for fantasy football team drafts.

“I have played and studied fantasy football for decades yet I have learned more in the past several months from my fellow players than I probably ever did before,” said Henby. “It’s fascinating to hear the different ways that people approach the game and I am excited to hear even more. Anyone who gives an interview gets a free copy of the report. I believe this is going to become a must-have guide for those of us who love fantasy football.”

So, who exactly is Henby? For the past 25 years, he has played in a number of fantasy football leagues and won multiple league championships; authored a popular book that teaches people how to use the activity for career growth; been an expert fantasy sports resource for multiple major news outlets like USA Today, the New York Post and CNBC; and has spoken at Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association events. This latest project though may become the fantasy football version of a Super Bowl ring.

The report will include:

·       Analysis of what separates champions from the rest of the pack

·       Draft strategies used by winning fantasy football teams

·       Top player and sleeper rankings

·       Favorite resources fantasy football champions use for insights

·       Insights on how top teams manage their rosters on a weekly basis

·       Winning teams’ trade strategies

“Every fantasy football player has their own unique way of playing the game and I want to hear about different approaches and styles. I’m really hoping as many fantasy football fans as possible hear about my project and do the interview. It’s just one more way to strengthen the fantasy football community,” added Henby.

The summary report will be released to interview participants in mid-August. To give an interview and get a free report, go to

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