Atlanta Based LifeBrite Laboratories' CEO Christian Fletcher Creates Fletcher Fund for Equality & Education to Support Underprivileged Students

As inequalities that have haunted and hampered the U.S. for centuries come to the forefront of public attention with undeniable clarity, Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite's CEO, Fund for Equality and Education, seeks to catalyze a more virtuous cycle with scholarships, mentorships and other critical support for graduating high school seniors seeking higher education. This fund will help those in under-served communities break barriers to achieve a boundless life. This boundless vision will be achieved through the process of deep investment in education. Fletcher believes this will further cultivate a virtuous cycle of wealth, education and leadership that will uplift communities.

Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite's CEO, stated "The U.S. healthcare system lacks clear direction and oversight of commercial insurance payers. Premiums for patients continue to increase, yet providers rarely are the recipients of those increases and somehow patient out-of-pocket costs are simultaneously increasing. Many great minds are deciding to pursue other professions because rising medical school debt and decreasing salaries are making it harder, financially, to become a healthcare provider. Unfortunately, this could start to affect care as it reduces the optimal provider pool."

Henceforth, the initiative is aimed to provide support for exceptional students and break down barriers to achievement for these students in underserved communities. Furthermore, this will help them pursue greater opportunities in higher education, that they might cultivate a generational cycle of education, wealth and leadership that uplifts communities.

The Fletcher Fund supports students who have already shown their resilience and drive by doing well in school despite various barriers placed in their way. The primary aim is to make it possible for underprivileged students to pursue higher education at top colleges and universities their achievements deserve. This means exceptional students can break away from the huge educational loans that may have previously caused dreams to remain unfulfilled. Christian Fletcher, the Atlanta man, is also covering the travel, living expenses and other critical costs for the award recipients. The organization's mentors give students advice, guidance and support that may not be available to them if they are the first in their family to attend college.

The Fletcher Fund instills a belief in community responsibility so those who succeed reach back into their communities and lift up others, creating a generational cycle of education, wealth and leadership.

Source: LifeBrite Labs


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