ATA Associates Explores New Investigative Disciplines: Cybersecurity

ATA Associates and Pathway Forensic Partner

ATA Associates, Inc., a forensic engineering and accident reconstruction firm located in Houston, TX, in an effort to explore new investigative disciplines and expand the types of services they make available to their clients, have entered into a partnership and business affiliation with Pathway Forensics, the largest private computer forensics and digital investigations firm in Texas. Pathway offers a wide range of services including computer forensics, digital investigations and audio/video forensics. Their experts have extensive experience in digital forensics acquisition and analysis, as well as large-scale enterprise collection and processing for electronic discovery matters.

The following article, written by Pathway’s Rick Garcia, will be appearing in an upcoming issue of ATA’s newsletter, “The Expert.”

Cybersecurity Overlooks Largest Threat: Your Own Employees
By Rick Garcia, Director of Forensics at Pathway Forensics

Surfacing in a variety of flavors, cybersecurity threats range from business email compromise (BEC) to ransomware and malware – the list of avenues into an organization’s sensitive underside is growing rapidly.

But recent breaches of private enterprises and government agencies show that the threat landscape is evolving, largely due to an uptick in breaches caused by insider threats. The amount of sensitive data that has been compromised over the last year has caused organizations to, in one way or another, halt business operations as a result of a bad egg in an organization. To read the full article:

Source: ATA Associates, Inc.