ATA Associates Expands Its Maritime Resources

El Faro

ATA Associates, Inc., a 44-year Forensic Engineering company, announces the expansion of its Offshore / Maritime Industry resources supporting litigation for domestic and international cases in the admiralty / maritime legal arenas.

This case will generate landmark case law and a wave of litigation.

Sal Litrico, Consultant

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Collision Investigation
  • Environmental Impact and Remediation
  • Cargo Damage
  • Hull and Machinery Failures
  • Marine Design

Sal Litrico joins the ATA team of maritime experts.  One area the team will focus on is the recent incident involving the sinking of the U.S.-flagged merchant vessel "El Faro" during Hurricane Joaquin off the Bahama coast.  All hands, (thirty-three lives) were lost at sea in this most tragic event.  This case will test the boundaries of "limits of liability".  (see Jones Act of 1920
ATA Associates provides expert witness and litigation support for the offshore and maritime industries.

Source: ATA Associates, Inc.

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