API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Examination Surpasses Expectations

United States, Canada, Australia, Middle East

​​Velocity Training reports that statistics released recently by the American Petroleum Institute for the November 2016 API 1169 testing window demonstrate an exploding number of applicants attempting to become certified as pipeline inspectors.

Over 900 testing applicants attempted the exam in November 2016 - an almost 400% increase since mid-2015. Only 522 made the required score to become certified inspectors. The ones that did not pass perhaps needed better training.

PowerPoint is great if it is a business proposal but as a teaching tool it is not exactly what you want to pay money for in an online program. The programs that Velocity Training offers take several hundred hours to develop, narrate, and to add animation and graphics. When programs are silent, it requires the student to dedicate enormous resources just to stay awake.

Jessica Krueger, Executive Account Manager

Test applicants should practice their due diligence in selecting a training program to prepare themselves for the examination. Training companies have been releasing their versions of API 1169 exam preparation with increasing regularity, yet very few of these companies appear to understand the dynamic of the API 1169 examination or have instructors that have ever worked in the capacity of a pipeline inspector. 

Things to check when selecting an API 1169 training provider:

  1.  Student reviews and ratings relevant to the course. 
  2.  Passing rates that go back at least a year. How long has the company offered this training? 
  3.  Endorsements from reputable companies in the pipeline industry.
  4.  Support and service hours and ways to contact instructor.
  5.  Amount of practice questions for the exam and content.
  6.  If an online course, is it narrated or silent (have to read it like a book)?

Out of all the training companies that were reviewed, only one meets acceptable criteria in the above categories: Velocity Training. 

  • Extensive reviews and ratings for Velocity Training's API 1169 exam classes can be found listed prominently on the following website: www.mypipelinetraining.org/reviews-and-ratings
  • Passing rates for Velocity Training's API 1169 exam classes have been tracked since March 2015 (2nd window ever of the API 1169) and have steadily increased in percentage since that time. The two most recent API 1169 testing windows had a 98% and 96% passing rate respectively. This rate beats the industry average of 80% by almost 20 points. 
  • A quick search of the internet for "API 1169" will yield results from other companies working with Velocity Training and the API 1169 exam preparation program. Companies include Joe Knows Energy (authorized to offer VTES™ online content), Avery Pipeline Services (discounted training offering), CDI Corp (discounted training program), UniversalPegasus (discounted training offering), EnsiteUSA (discounted training offering), and many others. 
  • The support and service team for Velocity Training's API 1169 exam preparation are available by phone, email, or 24/7 chat within the course offerings online. Recent student Kevin Hartman had this to say, "As a current CWI and NACE, I can appreciate this VTES 1169 on-line course. Very helpful training and practice tests. Well worth the money and excellent customer service. I hope they will offer similar training for other certs in the future!". 
  • The VTES™ API 1169 exam training course offers students the ability to challenge themselves with over 1000 practice test questions. The closest competitor to this program only offered 200 and many of those were true and false type scenarios. Another program that offers "training on the cheap" only offers 50 and more than 40% were true and false. 
  • The only online API 1169 exam training class that was offered and fully narrated was that which was offered by Velocity Training. The dedication and level of detail is very apparent when compared to typical PowerPoint presentations. "PowerPoint is great if it is a business proposal but as a teaching tool it is not exactly what you want to pay money for in an online program. The programs that Velocity Training offers take several hundred hours to develop, narrate, and to add animation and graphics. When programs are silent and static, it requires the student to dedicate enormous resources just to stay awake", said Jessica Krueger, Account Manager for Velocity Training's API 1169 Exam Prep Program.

More About Velocity Training (VTES™)

How long has Velocity Training been involved in the offering of 100% on-line API 1169 exam preparation courses? Their senior instructors and subject matter expert (all former inspectors with extensive backgrounds) spent nearly a year developing the course material before becoming the world's first on-line training platform for the API 1169 in early 2015. Since that time, they have released many updates and revisions to adapt to changes in the API 1169 requirements. A new release is slated for deployment onto its sophisticated learning management system in early 2017. "We expect to add more in-depth training tools developed to adapt to more learning styles", says Ms. Krueger. 

Answering the industry's need for better exam training has also led the Velocity Training team to begin offering API 1169 instructor-led classroom training combined with their on-line supplemental training; creating a blended learning tool capable of extending the depth of retention for inspectors. Either option inspectors choose, will significantly improve their chances of successfully passing the API 1169 Pipeline Inspector certification exam. 

Major organizations, in the United States, Canada, and Australia, that offer inspection resources to the oil & gas pipeline transportation companies, have teamed up with Velocity Training to assist their inspection staff and ensure they have the resources to prepare themselves for the exam. The ultimate goal is that they have the certified staff ready for when the industry will implement the API 1169 requirement across all projects.

Source: VTES - On Demand Inspector Training