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If pipeline inspectors have been lucky in 2017, putting food on the table is keeping them busy. As a working professional, an inspector has the demands of the project, family, and life's natural hectic nature insisting on their full and complete attention. Now many inspectors are realizing time is getting short on the INGAA and CEPA requirements that member companies staff projects with 100% API 1169 certified pipeline inspectors by the end of 2018.

How is the inspector to find time to prepare? A few say that training is not needed and that experience should be relied upon heavily in order to pass the API 1169 exam. While these few might not need training to pass the exam and extensive experience does provide some use for understanding certain topics covered on the test, it can prove to be a burden. "If the statistics and hundreds of conversations with inspectors reveal anything of value, what is discovered is that the tribal knowledge of said inspector will get them in trouble quickly when being able to decide on the correct answer for the exam questions. What everyone should understand first and foremost, is that the API 1169 exam is looking for the correct answer based upon the Body of Knowledge and not necessarily the experience of the inspector," said Matt Wearsch, U.S. Training Director and API 1169 Certified Instructor. 

What everyone should understand first and foremost, is that the API 1169 exam is looking for the correct answer based upon the Body of Knowledge and not necessarily the experience of the inspector.

Matthew Wearsch, API 1169 SME

When choosing a training course, Velocity Training has now expanded the inspector's options. Offering course access lengths from 7 days to 6 months, there is something that will fit anyone's schedule and needs. The 60-day and 90-day training options seem to be the most popular, providing enough time to fully absorb the course material and understand the exam expectations. Some play it smart and begin 4 months out from the exam date with the 120-day option. Regardless, since these are online interactive courses, the inspector must be a self-motivated individual. 

For those that require face-to-face instruction and have the time to travel, Velocity Training offers open enrollment for a 4-day training class in several locations and have posted the new 2017-2018 schedule. 

Corporate on-site training is also available and Velocity Training has conducted numerous classes both in the U.S. and Canada. 

More About VTES™

Q: How long has Velocity Training been involved in the offering of in-depth API 1169 exam preparation courses?

A: Longer than any other training company available. Their senior instructors and subject matter expert (all former inspectors with extensive backgrounds) spent nearly a year developing the course material before becoming the world's first online training platform for the API 1169 in early 2015. Since that time, they have released many updates and revisions to adapt to changes in the API 1169 requirements. Reviews and ratings of the API 1169 training program can be found here. 

Answering the industry's need for better exam training has also led the Velocity Training team to begin offering API 1169 instructor-led classroom training combined with their online supplemental training; creating a blended learning tool capable of extending the depth of retention for inspectors. Either option inspectors choose, will significantly improve their chances of successfully passing the API 1169 Pipeline Inspector certification exam. Velocity Training currently boasts the industry's best passing rates among their students.

Major organizations in the United States, Canada, and Australia, that offer inspection resources to the oil & gas pipeline transportation companies, have teamed up with Velocity Training to assist their inspection staff and ensure they have the resources to prepare themselves for the exam. The ultimate goal is that they have the certified staff ready for when the industry will implement the API 1169 requirement across all projects.  

A few of their former & current API 1169 on-site and online clients include:

  • Union Gas (Spectra Energy)
  • Williams
  • Gulf Interstate Field Services
  • CDI Corporation
  • Avery Pipeline Services
  • UniversalPegasus International
  • Quality Integrated Services
  • EnsiteUSA
  • Liberty Pipeline Services
  • TES Engineering
  • Impact Field Services (Australia)
  • QC Inspectors.com
  • MBF Inspection Services, Inc.
  • DC3 Consulting and Inspection Services

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