America's Warrior Partnership Publishes Playbook to Guide Organizations on Empowering Military Veterans

Jan. 30 Facebook Live event to introduce Playbook and offer interactive Q&A session with veteran-serving professionals

America’s Warrior Partnership has published the “Community Integration Playbook,” a text that serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations to proactively and holistically support military veterans as well as their families and caregivers. The book is available for purchase online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jim Lorraine, president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership, will introduce the Playbook during a Facebook Live event followed by an interactive Q&A session open to all members of the public. The event will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 30, from 3-4 p.m. EST and be held on the America’s Warrior Partnership Facebook page.

The Playbook instructs veteran-serving organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, city government groups and businesses on how they can implement the Community Integration service model. Community Integration is a proven method that provides organizations with the tools and support to develop a customized program that is responsive to the needs of veterans. The result is a proactive, holistic approach that amplifies the efforts of community organizations and bridges the gaps between local programs and national resources.

“We wrote the Playbook so that newcomers and experienced professionals alike can access practical insights on creating a more efficient way to reach and empower veterans,” said Jim Lorraine, president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership. “It outlines four key pillars – Connect, Educate, Advocate and Collaborate – that organizations should follow to increase their capacity and efficiency for supporting veterans at every stage of their lives.”

Best practices outlined in the Playbook help organizations address critical issues recognized by the Community Veteran Engagement Board (CVEB) Task Force, a group of veterans, community leaders, military service organizations and representatives of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The CVEB Task Force identified outreach programs as one of seven areas that veteran-serving organizations should prioritize. The Playbook instructs community groups on how to successfully address this challenge by rallying existing resources, establishing partnerships with organizations to support needs that cannot be fulfilled locally and connecting veterans with these services on a proactive basis.

The America’s Warrior Partnership Community Integration Playbook is available for purchase online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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America’s Warrior Partnership is committed to empowering communities to empower veterans. We fill the gaps that exist between current veteran service organizations by helping nonprofits connect with the veterans, military members and families in need: bolstering their efficacy, improving their results and empowering their initiatives. America’s Warrior Partnership is a force multiplier for warrior community integration that enhances communities where great Americans choose to live and contribute. For more information on the organization and how to get involved, visit

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