America's Warrior Partnership Launches WarriorServe® 4.0

Latest version of case coordination solution adds new user interface, resource directory and algorithm updates to enhance data collection and reporting

​​​​​​​​​America’s Warrior Partnership announced today the launch of WarriorServe® 4.0, a new version of its proprietary technology solution that helps military veteran-serving organizations streamline data collection, impact reporting and case coordination with partner service providers. Built on the Salesforce® Lightning platform, WarriorServe® is the technological component of the Community Integration service model, which has impacted more than 50,000 veterans over the last five years. The solution’s new features increase automation and reduce duplication in managing the delivery of services and resources to veterans, their families and caregivers.

“One of the most substantial additions to our new version of WarriorServe® is the resource directory, which is designed to help users save time in coordinating services with veteran-serving organizations that have access to resources they may not be able to provide in house,” said Dannielle Pope, director of innovative technology at America’s Warrior Partnership. The resource directory is integrated throughout the platform, specifically when you are working on a service case. This enables organizations to quickly look for available resources for veterans, arrange for referrals to the appropriate partner, track where each case was referred and streamline the follow-up process to ensure each veteran, family member and caregiver receive access to services.”

WarriorServe® 4.0 also enhances case coordination with an upgrade to the triage rating system that marks files with a color according to a veteran’s particular situation. An algorithm automates the prioritization of urgent case needs, which helps organizations and their partners ensure resources are properly allocated in a timely manner to ensure veterans receive their requested services.

Additionally, WarriorServe® 4.0 further streamlines data input by shortening entry forms and automatically generating new cases based on information provided and needs identified by users. The improved automation delivered by this new version of the solution reduces the chances of human error occurring in data collection and entry.

Each new feature in WarriorServe® 4.0 is reportable via customizable dashboards that make it easy for users to show impact and key outcomes in real-time. Moreover, the platform can be accessed through both mobile applications and desktop internet browsers to provide users with versatility in deciding when and how to conduct intake, update records and present results.

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America’s Warrior Partnership is committed to empowering communities to empower veterans. We fill the gaps that exist between current veteran service organizations by helping nonprofits connect with the veterans, military members, and families in need: bolstering their efficacy, improving their results and empowering their initiatives. America’s Warrior Partnership is a force multiplier for warrior community integration that enhances communities where great Americans choose to live and contribute. For more information on the organization and how to get involved, visit


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