America's Warrior Partnership Launches Diné Naazbaa' Partnership, First Community-Based Program Serving Military Veterans in Navajo Nation

-- The Schultz Family Foundation supports year-long collaboration with community leaders, resulting in resource programs tailored to local veterans, their families and caregivers --

Diné Naazbaa' Partnership

​America’s Warrior Partnership today launched the Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership, the first community-based program dedicated to empowering the Navajo Nation’s military veterans, their families and caregivers. The program is currently conducting proactive outreach to the estimated 15,000 veterans living in the Navajo Nation to educate them on available resources and connect them with holistic support services.

The Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership elevates the work of local veteran-serving professionals by bridging the gaps that exist between community service providers and national resources. Supported by funding from the Schultz Family Foundation, it is the culmination of the Community Integration program, which America’s Warrior Partnership conducts in three phases to assess a local veteran population, develop a program plan tailored to their needs and implement a holistic care program within their community.

“Our assessment found that local veterans seek assistance with housing, applying for benefits, accessing behavioral health support and finding reliable transportation,” said Jim Lorraine, president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership. “We have worked closely with the community over the last year to comprehensively understand these obstacles, and the Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership was designed to holistically address them.”

The program empowers veterans to navigate issues at every stage of their post-military lives by focusing on four steps:

1.     Connect veterans with requested services and community resources;

2.     Educate veterans about the opportunities available to them, while also educating the community about the value veterans offer in a civic capacity;

3.     Advocate on behalf of veterans to ensure their community delivers continuing support; and

4.     Collaborate with veterans and the community to create and implement holistic plans that improve their quality of life.

“Since launching the program, we have connected with more than 114 veterans, family members and caregivers living in the Navajo Nation to support them in navigating their benefits and assisting with housing issues,” said Inann Johns of Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership. “As we continue conducting proactive outreach in the months to come, we look forward to empowering veterans with the support they have earned through their service.”

Navajo Nation veterans seeking connections with local and national resources can contact Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership by calling 928-910-4225 or visiting

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