AIM Exploration Inc. Announces the Formation the Joint Venture Known as AIM Exploration Dubai

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AIM Exploration Inc., (the “Company”) (OTC: AEXE), is excited to announce that the formation of its joint venture corporation with Prina Energy has been completed. This represents a major milestone for AEXE.

The Joint Venture is known as AIM Exploration Dubai and is registered in Dubai. DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) which is the largest Free Zone in the UAE and winner of FDI’s Global Free Zone of the Year for 2016.

AIM Exploration Inc. will own 25% of the joint venture; AIM Exploration SA (Peru) will own 25%; Prina Energy of India will own 50%. The Company is confident that each party of the Joint Venture will utilize its resources to make the Joint Venture a success.

AIM Dubai will be doing the world marketing for all of AIM’s anthracite coal and the DMCC provides an ideal setting for AIM Exploration Dubai’s future potential not only for marketing but also for financing.

Prina Energy has many strong relationships with the potential customers in India. This positions AIM to be well received for long term contracts for AIM’s high grade anthracite coal.

AIM Exploration Dubai will be concentrating on the marketing of anthracite coal in India. The India steel market is currently number 3 in the world only behind China and Japan. The India market expected growth is anticipated to be extremely strong for many years ahead.

AIM Dubai is pleased to announce that it already has commenced discussions for Financing, and it has commenced negotiations with an individual who is extremely well connected within the streel industry in India to head up the entire India Marketing Program.

Bob Todhunter, President and CEO of AEXE stated, “Formation of the Joint Venture is a very major accomplishment for our shareholders and positions the company for great success. Our meetings in Dubai have progressed extremely well with the CEO of a major bank and it is expected that very soon, AIM Exploration Dubai will have strong banking/financial relationships to help develop Aims Growth.”

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