Aggregion Platform Was Successfully Tested on Intel Technology - WiDi

The Aggregion platform was successfully tested on Intel technology - WiDi.

Many advanced technologies are being integrated into the Aggregion platform. The Aggregion platform was successfully tested on Intel technology – WiDi. Intel's proprietary technology designed for wireless transmission of multimedia from a mobile device to a compatible display is now implemented in the cloud service to manage and control the distribution network. Images, streaming video and presentations can be transmitted to a TV from a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a hardware platform built on Intel processors. The integration of WiDi into Aggregion will allow wireless transmission of content and license management from a mobile device using a proprietary application. Testing WiDi on the Aggregion cloud platform is aimed at optimizing the delivery and subsequent display of content on Intel-compatible devices. This concerns the sale of student courses, applications and offline content through Aggregion channels. The company creates unique projects allowing to connect hundreds of institutions. In this case, the ease of delivery and the simultaneous availability of content to users while maintaining licensing at all the stages is of significant importance. Therefore, Aggregion plans to continue developing new reliable ways and channels of communication and to fully implement the integration of WiDi into the platform. Within the framework of collaboration with Intel, there are plans for further improvement of support for innovative technologies from leading companies in the IT industry. The list of Aggregion partners includes Microsoft, for which the distribution of electronic content was implemented for Office 365. Today, the number of LCD panels supporting WiDi is growing rapidly. With the emergence and growing popularity of new ways of transmitting information, Aggregion will keep on conducting active testing of its own platform to optimize and improve instant user access to licensed e-content.​