Aggregion and Microsoft Launch a New Project for Universities

Aggregion and Microsoft launched a joint project that involves granting free access to the platform to a number of European universities.

​​Under the project, ten best schools to be selected on a competitive basis will be provided free access to educational content from the world’s leading publishers and afforded an opportunity to monetize their own content.

The requirements the schools must meet are simple: possessing relevant IT capabilities and having necessary IT personnel on staff to integrate the school with the platform, working side by side with Aggregion and Microsoft engineers. It should be noted that the project is already underway at six schools, and today we are simply considering the next batch of candidates as the program remains open to other applicants.

Making Content More Affordable

By granting universities free connection to the platform, Aggregion and Microsoft allow them access to publications by some of the world’s largest copyright holders. These materials include monographs, articles in scientific journals, study reports, audio and video, etc. Schools only pay for the specific materials they actually do use, with rates based on particular titles and length of access.

In addition, schools also receive tools necessary to begin monetizing their own content right away. As a result, they may act both as copyright holders and end users, as the case may be. The two solutions are fully integrated and may be deployed with the maximum ease and convenience.

Microsoft Azure and StorSimple: Choose What Suits You Best

Aggregion has added new functionality to its platform specifically for this project. The platform now easily integrates with Microsoft Azure – an open cloud computing platform for corporate users that allows for storing data on remote servers through a globally distributed network of data centers, as well as deploying and managing applications using the same resource base. This way, if a school aggregates its content using Microsoft Azure, connecting to the Aggregion platform will require a minimum of time and effort from its IT specialists.

Additionally, universities will be able to chose where exactly their content will be stored. These could be Microsoft Azure-based storage solutions using publicly available cloud resources, private clouds built using the Azure technology or repositories based on StorSimple – a hybrid cloud solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data storage, backup, compression and protection.

Selecting the type of storage on the Aggregion platform only takes a few clicks. Users simply choose a suitable solution and specify applicable parameters. Users maintain full control over stored content, with Aggregion providing protection from unauthorized access and tracking tools to monitor license movement at every particular moment in time.


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