After a Decade Underground, MerlinMoon Releases Lithography EP (BangyBang Records)

A mixture of tragic events led the music project to lay low and regroup.

MerlinMoon Lithography EP

After a long hiatus, MerlinMoon is ready to release​. During the past ten years, MerlinMoon worked with 12-time Grammy Award winner producer/engineer Rafa Sardina; Grammy Nominee Alan Parsons, reknown for his work on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as well as PJ Olsson, Mark Needham and Phil Tan, and yet none of the music was ever released.

Scoring the Dance Billboard chart with a remix by DJ Hector Fonseca late 2016, with the unreleased single "Believe," encouraged the idea of re-recording MerlinMoon's unreleased catalog featuring friends and artists under the concept name "Lithography."

This first edition released on May 5, 2017, features world famous producer and artist Rico Love who is featured on records with T.I., Usher, Jermaine Dupri and Jamie Foxx, and has written and produced songs for Usher, Beyonce and T.I.

The second song "BangyBang" features rapper Shawn Anthony. The Platinum Selling songwriter/artist has also been featured many times in HBO series such as Entourage, and Ballers.

The third song "Albatree" is a story of an endless journey to inspiration. MerlinMoon features his good friend PJ Olsson, lead singer of Alan Parsons Band. The EP closes with a track inspired by MerlinMoon's spiritual journey during a life changing Ayahuasca experience.

Originally "Aya" was the back curtain of the MerlinMoon's upcoming (10 track) new album "Iconography" (Oct. 10, 2017). The song features Djivan Gasparyan Jr. — grandson and successor of Djivan Gasparyan, the God Father of Armenian Duduk — who collaborated with many artists, such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Lionel Richie, Brian Eno and Hans Zimmer. After listening to "Duduk of the North" from the "Gladiator Soundtrack," he felt compelled to add the Armenian Duduk in one of his compositions. "It has been a great accomplishment to close the first edition of the Lithography EP with such an emotional piece," says MerlinMoon.

All music recorded and produced at BangyBang studio, Miami, Florida.

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