Active Allocator to Join the Retirement Income Industry Association

Membership Signals Commitment to Leadership Role in U.S. Retirement Security

Active Allocator Holdings LLC ("ActiveAllocator”) is underscoring its commitment to leadership in the digital investment advice, asset allocation and retirement income business by becoming a member of the Retirement Income Industry Association® (RIIA®), a national, non-profit organization whose members are defining the future of retirement security in the United States.

According to Francois Gadenne, RIIA's Chairman and Executive Director, “Over the last decade, RIIA’s thought leadership, planning tools and concepts have played an important role in addressing the challenge of generating secure retirement income. Our commitment to helping advisors meet clients’ retirement income needs is underscored by our advanced education designation for advisors: the Retirement Management Analyst (SM) program. We are delighted that ActiveAllocator, an innovative FinTech digital disruptor, is engaging with RIIA and our community of innovators and industry leaders to support our efforts to meet these needs."

"We intend to reshape our industry by resetting investors' expectations about investment management and advice."

Sameer Jain, Co-Founder, Active Allocator

Sameer Jain and Brian Jones, ActiveAllocator’s co-founders, noted: “We are excited to become a part of RIIA and participate in the exchange of knowledge among institutions, academics, researchers and producers providing retirement income services and advice. RIIA’s “View Across the Silos” approach and resources support our focus on delivering leading-edge asset allocation solutions to financial advisors and their retail and institutional clients. Our approach is to blend the human and the digital. We intend to reshape our industry by resetting investors’ expectations about investment management and advice, including where the best advice comes from, what it should cost, and the way it is best delivered. We see RIIA’s framework as something that can be hugely beneficial to our product-market strategy.”


 About Active Allocator is the world’s first portal that seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within recommended portfolios. A FinTech digital disruptor, Active Allocator offers financial advisors a way to create bespoke portfolios. Active Allocator helps advisors allocate client assets as well as gain exposure to an appropriate set of active managers and funds. More information about Active Allocator can be found at

About the Retirement Income Industry Association

The Retirement Income Industry Association® (RIIA®) is a not-for-profit industry association that was started in 2005 and launched publicly in February 2006 to discover, validate and teach the new realities of retirement and to do so from the perspective of “The View Across the Silos℠”, with the goal of achieving better retirement outcomes. RIIA has developed the retirement body of knowledge that supports its professional designation: the Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®). RIIA organizes conferences and events, professional education for RMAs, publishes a peer-reviewed journal (Retirement Management Journal), offers twice-monthly retirement focused webinars through its Virtual Learning Center, manages an 8,000-person-strong LinkedIn discussion group, provides research and other services to the industry and its clients.  More information about RIIA can be found at


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Source: Active Allocator

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