Active Allocator Announces 2018 Highlights

FinTech extends digital asset allocation and portfolio construction product, adds emerging markets capabilities, enhances investment research.


Active Allocator Holdings LLC ("ActiveAllocator”) announced today highlights of business milestones met in 2018.

Commented Brian Jones, ActiveAllocator’s co-founder, “In 2018 we remained laser focused on building our product roadmap to reshape the wealth management industry. We continue to reset advisor and investor expectations about investment management and asset allocation advice, including where the best advice comes from, what it should cost, and how it is delivered. Amongst other initiatives, we entered an early adopter partnership with FinTech giant Finastra for their open platform. In addition, our product is now used to manage billions of dollars in high net worth investment portfolios. We deployed our organization, processes, and technologies toward becoming a truly customer obsessed organization. We collaborated closely with external business analysts, systems architects, consultants and process analysts to define the technical requirements and processes needed to implement our vision. We extended our presence to the Middle East and jointly enhanced our product with the largest insurance company in Africa. Finally, we brought together multiple resources - developers, designers, channel professionals, and line of business executives - as we look to further add new capabilities.”

Sameer Jain, ActiveAllocator’s co-founder, noted, "Among other milestones, we completed build-out of our digital asset allocation platform, customized our offering for emerging markets, added complementary product capabilities, entered into distribution alliances, further validated our thesis and acquired early adopters. We intend to invest additional capital to execute on our business plan. In addition, we enhanced our investment research function to extend coverage to over 50 asset sub-classes, improved our algorithms and data infrastructure, as well as updated our key forward looking capital markets and model assumptions. Such effort has been rewarded by way of increase in our valuations as reflected in outright acquisition offers, we receive."

Product Development:

* Completed deployment of unique platform that analyzes and seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within portfolios.

* Enhanced system functionality and technology to meet large, enterprise client needs. The system is now scalable to millions of client accounts, and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users.

* Tested to meet complex compliance, security, risk management and operational needs of very large firms with fiduciary obligations.

*Adapted for emerging markets with support and external funding received for product localization.

Enhancements Include:

·       Definition of new chart of asset classes unique to emerging and frontier markets.

·       Instantaneous mapping of new asset sub-classes through search and recognition of millions of regional and global securities.

·       New approach to arriving at capital market assumptions for developing markets.

·       Large scale testing across new pools of securities.

·       Identification of client portfolio to instrument level at specific date and usage of identified mapping schema to represent aggregate portfolio characteristics.

·       Capabilities to parse by geography, industry, style and other factors, including choice of implementation.

·       Richer insight into historic and forecast distributions for asset classes within specific economic regimes.

·       Addition of “sanity” tests to check and prompt for rational inputs, provide devolved administrator access, which improves flexibility and user experience.

·       Major security enhancements which obviate need to access or store client identified personal information.

·       New deployment on host cloud to comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

·       Addition of new data centers audited and certified by internationally-recognized attestation and certification compliance standards.

·       Enhanced identity and access management, new encryption and key management protocols, employment of third-party penetration/security testing services, isolation of shared multi-tenant cloud architecture from disruption by other tenants.

2019 Investment Research Highlights:

·       Sharpened methodology to compare, validate and express capital market projections on the fly from more than a dozen Wall Street and specialty research firms.

·       Designed a portfolio construction approach that enables investors to obtain the benefits of skills-based (alpha) investing while mitigating the risks associated with discretionary active managers.

·       Added capabilities to construct multi-asset portfolios across managed futures, hedge funds, real estate, private equity and debt blended with traditional liquid investments such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds.

·       Distilled and synthesized market outlooks, published white papers, exhibited thought leadership, and generated multi-media output to create valuable public goods for investors.

About ActiveAllocator

ActiveAllocator is a digital asset allocation platform with technology-enabled customized advice capabilities. It is the world’s first portal that seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within portfolios. A FinTech, it helps investors analyze existing allocations, discover inefficiencies and create bespoke portfolios in minutes.



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