ActiveAllocator Deploys Cutting Edge Asset Allocation Platform for South Africa

Support and funding for product localization provided by Sanlam Investments

ActiveAllocator Group LLC (“ActiveAllocator”) announced today its expansion into developing markets with the release of a version of its strategic asset allocation system specifically for the South African market.

Sameer Jain, co-founder of ActiveAllocator, noted, “We are excited to announce the next phase of our internationalization strategy. Our deep engagement with Sanlam, a large and sophisticated firm with a multi-regional footprint, has positioned us well to address nuances of the South Africa market-place. Sanlam brought more than just money to the table. Over the past six months, we have enhanced both system functionality and technology to meet large, enterprise client needs. ActiveAllocator now scalably deploys across millions of client accounts, and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, without sacrificing performance. We also meet the complex compliance, security, risk management and operational needs of large firms with fiduciary obligations. Partnering with sophisticated firms that provide top quality investment and wealth management advice ratifies our business model and helps us improve.”

Our engagement with Sanlam positions us well to take ActiveAllocator to underserved territories and extend the reach of our platform

Brian Jones, Co-founder ActiveAllocator

Commenting on the product release ActiveAllocator Partner, Manoj Shahi Ph.D., CFA who led the engagement said, “The past six months has been an enormous undertaking that involved defining a new chart of investible asset classes unique to emerging and frontier markets. We then enabled instantaneous mapping of new asset sub-classes to search, recognize and relate to millions of regional and global securities. Furthermore, arriving at capital market assumptions for developing markets, that can often be in transition, is a non-trivial exercise. We have worked closely with Sanlam to identify investable pools of securities, perform rationality tests on inputs, to reduce tracking error with relevant benchmark indices, as well as to solve for financial market data opacity issues.”

Notable enhancements:

·       Identify client portfolio to instrument level at specific date and use pre-identified mapping schemas to represent aggregate portfolio characteristics

·       Parse by geography, industry, style and other factors, including choice of implementation

·       Enable richer insight into historic and forecast distributions for asset classes within specific economic regimes

·       Add “sanity” tests to check and prompt for rational inputs, provide devolved administrator access, and improve flexibility and user experience

·       System does not access, or store client identified personal information

·       Deploy on a host cloud to comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

·       New data centers audited and certified by internationally-recognized attestation and certification compliance standards

·       Enhance identity and access management, new encryption and key management protocols, employment of third-party penetration/security testing services, isolation of shared multi-tenant cloud architecture from disruption by other tenants

Brian Jones, co-founder of ActiveAllocator noted, “All of the client security, performance enrichment and functionality enhancement is a given as we evolve the ActiveAllocator environment. We intend to take ActiveAllocator to under-served territories and extend the reach of our platform. Across investment platforms and markets, portfolio optimization is under-prioritized or even sometimes overlooked.  For each investor, we know that there is a single optimal answer of the amount to invest in any specific asset class. Traded, alternative or private investments - we bring a fact-based product agnostic decision-making framework to answer the how much question. With our thrust into emerging markets now, we expand our unique approach to investing.”

About ActiveAllocator
ActiveAllocator is a digital asset allocation platform with technology-enabled customized advice capabilities. It is the world’s first portal that seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within portfolios. A FinTech, it helps investors analyze existing allocations, discover inefficiencies and create bespoke portfolios in minutes.

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Source: ActiveAllocator Group LLC

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