A+ World Academy Implements New Safety Measures to Protect Students From Coronavirus

A+ World Academy

A+ World Academy, an international boarding school located on the S.S. Sørlandet, is going to great lengths to protect the health of students from COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus. The school is taking action before New York State announced a state of emergency, canceling a planned stop in New York City and re-routing the ship to Bermuda. The country has not reported any cases of Coronavirus.

A+ World Academy has also instituted exhaustive safety measures to prevent students from contracting COVID-19. All students, staff and crew were placed into a 14-day quarantine a few days before Bermuda asked visitors to quarantine themselves.

While students have been allowed to enjoy the beach access and various activities the location offers, A+ Academy has enforced the following procedures to decrease the risk of infection:

  • Passengers will remain in Bermuda for two weeks.
  • Parents are not permitted to visit.
  • Students are staying in a private residence.
  • Students clean the residence on a daily basis.
  • Students and the crew clean the ship on a daily basis. 
  • Students are remaining on the property.
  • Food is delivered to the residence.
  • The staff is monitoring Bermuda and future ports for Coronavirus updates and impacts and is outlining a new voyage plan for its return to Norway to find ports with few or no cases reported.

The parents of the students have expressed great satisfaction with the way the boarding school staff has handled the situation. 

"Thank you for all your efforts and good decisions on the safekeeping of the students and crew! These are challenging times, but we believe the stay at the beach house is a good and enjoyable alternative under the circumstances. We do appreciate your ambition to keep the school open until graduation and we believe that also means a lot to the students," Christian H. said.

"Our daughter really wants to continue the year with A+, and I trust her to follow the strict rules. We do it almost the same way home in Norway, working from our home, avoiding getting in physical contact with others. We hope it will be a better situation in a while. In the meantime, everybody has to do what is best to do. We are thankful that you are handling this difficult time in the best way – in our opinion – and please give our grateful greetings to the crew and teachers at A+ as well," May T. said.

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The Norwegian Sørlandet, a 93-year-old Norwegian tall ship and the world's oldest operating fully-rigged tall ship, is home to the A+ World Academy boarding school. Students at the school get the opportunity to complete a year of high school sailing across the Atlantic for a unique blend of travel and experiential learning. In her 93-year history, the Sørlandet has cultivated a long tradition of educational endeavors. A+ World Academy is an accredited, AP Capstone approved and gap year program for students. Learn more at https://www.aplusworldacademy.org

Dr. Kevin E. Kessler, Head of School

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A+ World Academy is an international boarding school located aboard the 93-year-old Norwegian Tall Ship, Sørlandet.