Student Safety is Paramount at A+ World Academy, School's Response to COVID-19 Praised by Parents

Student safety is the highest priority at A+ World Academy. The school is ready for the 2021-2022 school year and prepared to pivot as necessary in order to ensure safety is first and foremost.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, A+ World Academy implemented strict quarantine measures both on board the ship and off, protecting students and faculty from potential exposure from local populations. Food delivery, housing, and transportation were conducted under the most stringent safety standards, and leadership at A+ World Academy provided complete transparency amid the global crisis, earning praise from parents.  The school even decided to cancel their 2020-2021 school year at sea due to safety concerns. 

In an email to parents last spring, amid the most severe public health crisis the world has ever seen, the Head of School at A+ World Academy let parents know that, "Important measures are being taken to avoid exposure to COVID-19. We want to keep our school open until graduation and, in order to do that, we must take as many precautionary measures as we can to ensure that the student crew, teaching crew, and maritime crew are avoiding contamination. Because of this, we are implementing the same rules for maritime crew, teaching crew, and student crew and all will be under strict quarantine procedures."

Measures included:

  • Cancellation of all shore leave

  • Private transportation by hired drivers for all staff and students

  • Rented Airbnb houses for proper distancing  

  • Food delivered from the ship and cooked onsite

  • Travel restricted to the houses, ship, and immediate beach area

The message was well-received, as parents responded with messages of relief, thanks, support, and appreciation for the care and leadership with which the school was handling the pandemic -- all of this happening when much of what is known about COVID-19 today was still completely unknown then. 

A+ World Academy's successes and accolades stem from its strict adherence to student safety. The school wants to assure parents that the school is more prepared than it's ever been and is ready to adapt as needed in order to ensure the safety of its students and staff.

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The Norwegian Sorlandet, a 93-year-old Norwegian tall ship and the world's oldest operating fully-rigged tall ship, is home to the A+ World Academy boarding school. Students at the school get the opportunity to complete a year of high school sailing across the Atlantic for a unique blend of travel and experiential learning. In her 93-year history, the Sorlandet has cultivated a long tradition of educational endeavors. A+ World Academy is an accredited, AP Capstone approved and gap year program for students. 

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A+ World Academy is an international boarding school located aboard the 93-year-old Norwegian Tall Ship, Sørlandet.