A+ World Academy Teaches Students to Become Global Leaders Through a Learning Experience Unlike Any Other

Former A+ World Academy students recount the experiences and education they received while traveling to 20 port cities around the globe.

A+ World Academy is among the most unique international boarding schools in the world, giving 60 11th- and 12th-grade students, as well as gap-year students, the opportunity to study abroad, taking Secondary and Advanced Placement courses in a fully accredited high school that travels the globe to 20 port cities on board the oldest fully rigged sailing ship still in operation in the world.

A number of students have recounted their experience, providing first-hand testimonials of their time on board the Norwegian Sorlandet:

"Here, I have faced challenges I never would have at home, such as juggling schoolwork and deck work, sailing at times I would otherwise be sleeping, and attempting to carry overloaded trays of food downstairs during a storm," says Josh Rajan, former A+ World Academy student from Princeton, New Jersey. "Being placed in such tight quarters with others, I've learned not only to work with and respect people I otherwise would not get along with but also strived to embody the 'ship, shipmate, self' dogma, thinking of the community's interest before my own. I've made great friends and lasting connections with people I never otherwise would have met, and am so grateful for this amazing experience."

"This ship teaches us how to simultaneously be independent while being part of a whole, a quality that is very valuable in life," says Matias Moreno, another former A+ World Academy student from Miami, Florida. "It is a tough challenge being here on Sorlandet, especially when we realized that we do not have much personal space and practically share everything we use, eat, and own. This ship teaches us how to simultaneously be independent while being part of a whole, a quality that is very valuable in life. The ability to study and learn efficiently while traveling across oceans to new places we dare to dream is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

"Aside from all the amazing ports, my favorite, but also most challenging, part of the journey is sailing. Being away from society and living in our own bubble far from everything is very refreshing," adds Gabby S., former A+ World Academy Student.

A+ World Academy's program was designed to turn students into confident, independent and globally minded leaders through experiential learning. For any information, please contact the admissions team: https://www.aplusworldacademy.org/admission/admissions-team.

About A+ World Academy

The Norwegian Sorlandet, a 93-year-old Norwegian tall ship and the world's oldest operating fully rigged tall ship, is home to the A+ World Academy boarding school. Students at the school get the opportunity to complete a year of high school sailing across the Atlantic for a unique blend of travel and experiential learning. In her 93-year history, the Sorlandet has cultivated a long tradition of educational endeavors. A+ World Academy is an accredited, AP Capstone approved and gap year program for students. 

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About A+ World Academy

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A+ World Academy is an international boarding school located aboard the 93-year-old Norwegian Tall Ship, Sørlandet.