A+ World Academy Graduates Have a 100% Acceptance Rate Into Top Universities Around the World

University acceptances between 2016 to 2020 include a number of prestigious schools from the U.S. and around the world.

Ship Sailing

A+ World Academy is challenging the status quo, offering high school students in grades 11-12 a one-of-kind learning experience sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. The rigorous academic program, on top of learning real-world skills in a non-traditional environment, is proven to develop students into more globally minded, independent citizens and leaders. As a result, A+ World Academy is proud to announce that it has a 100% college acceptance rate for its seniors.

Between 2016 and 2020, graduates of A+ World Academy have gone on to attend some of the most esteemed schools from both the U.S. and around the world in countries including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and many others. 

For 10 months, leadership, collaboration, time management, task prioritization, and critical thinking while learning in an unfamiliar environment are an integral part of daily life, helping students to develop the skills necessary to become effective global leaders.

A+ World Academy is an MSA (Middle States Association) fully accredited high school, member of the Boarding Schools Association (BSA), the Nordic Network of Independent Schools (NNIS), and an approved candidate for Accreditation with Cognia (formerly AdvancEd). In addition, A+ World Academy is College Board approved to offer the AP Capstone Diploma and can provide graduates a direct path into university without application to Birmingham City University, England and the University of Sunderland, England.

The list of courses includes:

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Pre AP English 2 (listed as English 12)

  • AP English Literature and Composition

Social Sciences

  • PreAP World History & Geography 

  • AP Psychology 


  • PreAP Geometry with Statistics 

  • Algebra II with Trig

  • PreAP Calculus

  • AP Calculus


  • PreAP Biology

  • AP Physics

  • AP Environmental Science

World Languages

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II

  • AP Spanish

Fine Arts

  • PreAP Visual Arts Media/Yearbook

AP Capstone

  • AP Seminar

  • AP Research

See the full list of university acceptances from 2016-2020: https://www.aplusworldacademy.org/alumni?utm_source=Newswire&utm_medium=pressrelease&utm_campaign=December#OURGRADUATES.

Contact the admissions team: https://www.aplusworldacademy.org/admission/admissions-team.

About A+ World Academy

The Norwegian Sorlandet, a 93-year-old Norwegian tall ship and the world's oldest operating fully rigged tall ship, is home to the A+ World Academy boarding school. Students at the school get the opportunity to complete a year of high school sailing across the Atlantic for a unique blend of travel and experiential learning. In her 93-year history, the Sorlandet has cultivated a long tradition of educational endeavors. A+ World Academy is an accredited, AP Capstone approved and gap year program for students. 

Learn more at https://www.aplusworldacademy.org.

Admissions: admissions@aplusworldacademy.org
Media: morganpr@newswiremail.com

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A+ World Academy is an international boarding school located aboard the 93-year-old Norwegian Tall Ship, Sørlandet.