90% of Young Children in the Crosshair, Reports Medical Organization

Merging Medical and Dental for the 9 out of 10 children caught in the middle, to address the serious symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing that threatens their future health reports HealthyStart™️.

​Over 30,000 will attend the Greater New York Dental Meeting Sunday through Wednesday, but THIS ONE story will stand out with the solution to these escalating health problems that can follow a child into their adult life if it is not corrected before they hit puberty.

It is very serious but goes truly un-noticed because the conditions are those innocuous traits we see in children every day!  However, they are warning signs of things to come.  They are not healthy or natural and they can be avoided or corrected.  Things like mouth breathing and snoring happen in part because of babies using pacifiers and nipple bottles.  The tongue is not performing the normal function so it is thrown off course and takes our childrens' health with it!

Not breathing and getting enough oxygen is actually tied to bedwetting, chronic allergies, even drops in school performance and arrested growth.  The impact this can have produces behaviors that look so much like the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD that even medical professionals can’t tell which category a child falls into when comparing a sleep deprived, to an ADD/ADHD child.  That can lead to unnecessary medications instead of getting the right kind of help to correct what may be breathing with open-mouth sleeping habits.

The danger is in waiting to get help.  These conditions do not self-correct with time.  They progress and become permanent features of the child to even include the way they look.  When the mouth and jaw does not mature naturally, it remains undersized and set back with a retracted, weaker appearance and crowded teeth.

The learned approach for this un-natural problem is to treat with it an all-natural solution and do it early, working with the child’s growth and development by first correcting the habits.  It sounds simple but that impression is deceiving because the work that is being done has taken decades and over 500 patents to be able to mimic the condition of a healthy and well-formed oral cavity or mouth and then to help guide everything back into place and function better during the growth stages of early childhood and for the rest of their life.

The HealthyStart™ Treatment is also comprehensive and a far more affordable solution.  The other options are limited, costly, ineffective and do nothing to change the habits or the damage these habits have created.

Any in a team of trained and aware doctors, from Pediatricians, ENTS’s, Orthodontists and Dentists can identify the problem and refer the patient to a certified HealthyStart™ Dentist or Orthodontist.  They have the specialized education, appropriate equipment and tools to provide treatment and follow the case in tandem with their ordinary dental services.  The first step would be a parent evaluation of their child’s sleep habits on a Sleep Disordered Breathing questionnaire (as attached.) 

Mark Musso, of Musso Family Dentistry in Garland Texas, partners in an Interdisciplinary Team approach with experts in several fields for a more comprehensive approach.  ENT Dr. Jeff West,  Myo-Functional Therapist, Colleen Watson, and Orthodontists Dr. Ron Perkins now all include a HealthyStart™ Sleep and Speech Questionnaires in their patient information profile.  

“They can refer Bed-wetting, Allergy, ADD/ADHD patients and now they also recognize that crooked teeth may be symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing.  As certified providers treating to permanently open the airway, we address dozens of these related SDB symptoms."

With time, wearing the appliance will physically coach that child into becoming a natural nose breather with better health conditions all while they are sleeping!   It can stop bed-wetting and produce REM Sleep to release growth hormones, help the brain rid the toxins that accumulate during the day and develop the child’s intended profile.  It can eliminate allergies and even help the new adult teeth come in straight instead of the painful, detrimental extractions and braces that include the relapses so many children deal with for years into their adult life.  This amounts to a lower cost with easier hygiene, in a permanent correction and heightened self-esteem.

This groundbreaking system of safe removable patented appliances has been developed by the World Changer, Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO.  An orthodontist that, over the past 50 years, has overseen 3 million cases around the world in 37 countries.  His initial goal was to straighten teeth.  Now his legacy is correcting the tongue posture and breathing habits that incidentally will also STRAIGHTEN TEETH WITHOUT BRACES when started early and worn with compliance.

Missing the window where tha can impact the growth leaves one with band-aids that are costly, ineffective and relapses occur about 90% of the time.

HealthyStart™ advanced orthodontic appliances are FDA Approved with no silicone, latex or PBAs.  They carry the esteemed Health Canada Certification and are equal to that of a Class II Medical Device.  The unique material is antimicrobial and soft like a pillow for the teeth.  The HealthyStart™ solution is comprehensive, permanent, pain and drug-free.

The medical and dental worlds are coming together for parents who want better for their children.  HealthyStart™ provides the advantage of good health with quality sleep as a gift of a lifetime.


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