7 Useful Winter Camping Tips

For some people, winter holidays mean renting a romantic cabin heated by a wood stove, while for others, more adventurous ones, it meens a real camping experience. If you’re ready to grab a pack and haul in all the necessities into the wild, the following tricks may be rather useful!

1. You will probably build campfires, either for the sake of warmth or cooking. Therefore, choose the outer layer of clothing that won’t end up ruined if struck by an errant ember. When it comes to the fire-resistant materials, wool is undoubtedly one of the best fabrics for that.

2. Spare set of mittens and a hat are a very good idea. The chances are, you’ll lose one of those and your trip might a foreshortened camping experience.

3. Pee bottles are a must have for winter campers (both male and female), since it’s, at least inconvenient, to go out and urinate at below zero. Make sure the pee bottles are well-marked to avoid any confusion!

4. Imported tent is a good choice,invest in a good winter tent. this is a very important guarantee for you, it’s the home of the outdoors, a good tent will keep you safe on a cold night.

5. Winter isn’t the time for skimping on a sleeping pad, so make sure you bring the right one. In case you still feel the sleeping pad you brought is not cutting it, put some extra clothing underneath you and cover yourself with a down jacket.

6. Water filters usually work less efficiently in the cold, so the best bet for having fresh water is to boil the snow. Keep in mind that snowflakes aren’t sterile!

7. Keep your boots warm. Or, should I say, keep your removable liners warm by putting them at the bottom of your down sleeping bag. Frozen boots are simply unacceptable. In case you have only single-layer boot, you could put them in a sack (waterproof) at the bottom of the sleeping bag.

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