'10 Seconds a Day to a Better Life' Launched at BluTalks

EMMY Winner and Communications Expert, Tasia Valenza shares how to use the language of self-love for personal and professional success.

Emmy Winner and Executive Motivational Speaker Tasia Valenza presents the Language of Self Love at BluTalks

Emmy winning actress and leading voice-over artist Tasia Valenza, Founder of the personal development platform Give Great Voice, stepped onto the BluTalks stage in San Diego and delivered a dynamic speech on the power of Giving Great Voice - especially to oneself.

“At its essence,” says Valenza, “to Give Great Voice” is to touch or move someone, including ourselves, with our voices. By being conscious of our intentions, by recognizing the power our voices have, we can use our voices t lift ourselves and others up or tear-down.”

Tasia Valenza captured the Heartland EMMY for bringing her voice and gravitas to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. The motivational speaker and Executive Communications specialist is globally renowned for her iconic voicing of characters, such as the seductress Poison Ivy in the Batman: Arkham Series, Jedi ShaakTi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Sniper Wolf in the fan-favorite Metal Gear Solid games, Ultimecia in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series and the opening for game six of the 2019 World Series.

“Why do we need to Give Great Voice to ourselves first? Because how we speak to ourselves sets up our ability to achieve our desires and goals. When we have positive, motivating self-talk, it propels us to move toward those goals and overcome the inevitable obstacles that we have to face with grace, courage and grit.” Valenza goes on, “When we tear ourselves down with our thoughts and negative self-talk, our mind and soul corrodes from the abuse. By using our voices intentionally, we can become our own champion, our own confidence coach and our own compassionate companion.”

What takes 10 seconds a day to make a difference? Affirmations. 

"Say a series of positive affirmations, 'I’m amazing, I love myself, I believe in myself” aloud, with passion and conviction,'" Valenza notes. “Even if you have to ‘fake it ‘till you make it’, or in Amy Cuddy's words 'fake it till we become it,' the difference will be life-altering.”

Over 95% of the people Valenza has coached say it feels awkward and uncomfortable to give self-praise. When an individual understands this positive affirming self-talk retrains the brain and re-frames self-image, an individual’s life responds accordingly. “Whatever someone says after “I am” or “I have” consistently, tells their future,” says the Give Great Voice Corporate Speaker, Valenza, “so we should be very thoughtful about what we say after those words.”

Giving Great Voice empowers confident communication skills and motivates individuals to use their own unique voices.

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