How to Touch in a 'Socially Distant' World

TEDx Speaker, Tasia Valenza, brings counterbalance to "social distancing" - How to touch and be "socially distant."

TEDx Speaker, Master Communicator and EMMY-winning Founder of Give Great Voice, Tasia Valenza (Pronunciation: TAY-jah (as in FanTASIA) Va-LEN-za) shares how to counterbalance "social distancing” and touch through verbal communication. 

Valenza’s platform, Give Great Voice, teaches individuals and groups how to move or "touch" others through the use of voice. TEDx: 

Share the Anxiety

“If there was ever a time to Give Great Voice to someone, it is now,” says Valenza, “Sarah Townsend of USC Marshall School of Business noted in her study that sharing your anxiety with someone who is going through something similar may significantly reduce your (and their) stress."

Social Isolation

As humans, we thrive when we feel connected. Over the past two weeks, as COVID-19 has swept the globe, the disconnection has grown at a meteoric rate. Self-isolation is expected and citizens worldwide are being reminded to be mindful, stay indoors, avoid contact, and importantly respect "social distance."

Mitigate Social Isolation - Alienation: Make the Call 

“In this intense viral specter, we have an opportunity to #GiveGreatVoice and directly touch others through the warmth of our voices. With our words, our tone, and intent, we can wrap a loved one with a verbal hug, give reassurance to a friend, and confidence to a client or guest,” says Valenza. 

Take technology beyond emails and texts to directly and emotionally connect via phone calls - FaceTiming, Zooming, Skyping, WhatsApp-ing, Hangouts - whatever one's platform of choice is.

Remote Working - Taking a Page from Gamers 

Many individuals are shifting to remote work environments. This transition can be isolating and overwhelming. Use the opportunity to take a page from the gaming world, connect with a (gaming) headset - and communicate with team members.

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