New TEDx Talk Now Available; #GiveGreatVoice the Remarkable Power of Tone and Intent in Everyday Speech

EMMY and Telly award-winning voice actress Tasia Valenza shares insights on harnessing the power of tone and intent in her newly launched #GiveGreatVoice TEDx Talk.

EMMY & Telly award-winning voice actress Tasia Valenza shares insights on harnessing the power of tone and intent in her newly launched #GiveGreatVoice TEDx Talk

​Voice is a surprisingly powerful tool. And it can be easily trained. In an entertaining and tip-filled TEDx Talk, EMMY and Telly-winning voice actress and motivational speaker Tasia Valenza shares her unique and simple techniques on how to use tone and intent to #GiveGreatVoice in everyday speech.

Valenza shares, “The way people speak to themselves and others is pivotal to their success. Our voices complement the roles we play and our intentions when relating to one another. When we employ these influential skills can enhance both professional and personal relationships. Messages will be received the way they were intended.”

Tasia Valenza is an EMMY and Telly award-winning voiceover artist, actress, and motivational speaker. Renowned for voicing iconic female characters in video games and animated television shows, such as the seductress Poison Ivy in the Batman: Arkham Series, Venisa Doza in Star Wars Resistance, Shaak Ti in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Sniper Wolf in the fan-favorite Metal Gear Solid games, Tasia voices countless commercials, animated series, video games, narrations, promos, and radio imaging. These experiences inspired the creation of #GiveGreatVoice, a platform that encourages confident, considerate verbal communication.  Additionally, Valenza has co-created and voiced a free-to-use, science-based affirmation meditation app, Haven, with the hopes of helping people rewire their brains for peace of mind.

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