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First Book in DTR Inc.'s Work Readiness Training Series, Workplace Basics, Now Available for Purchase

Jay Goldberg, DTR Inc.'s CEO, who developed a work readiness program called the best in the U.S. by a member of the National Skills Standard Board in 2003, has developed a new four module work readiness certification training program that can be us

DTR Inc.'s CEO Jay Goldberg, has developed a new four module work readiness certification program. The four modules are Workplace Basics, Workplace Skills, People Skills, and Customer Service.

In addition to a book, each module has available, a certification test, a PowerPoint presentation that includes some exercises not contained in the books, and competencies that participants must demonstrate before being eligible to sit for the certification test.

The program was developed for use in the classroom and for on site, on the job training.

The first book in the four module program, Workplace Basics, is now available at Amazon.com or at the book's web site www.createspace.com/4089841. At the end of the book are two workplace scenarios where things go right and things go wrong. These scenarios are the basis for the certification test. However, if a training venue or business does not want to use DTR Inc.'s certification training program, after using the books to train participants in work readiness, these two scenarios can be used as a read and discuss exercise at the conclusion of the training.

Unlike most work readiness programs where the client is the classroom participant, the main client for Mr. Goldberg's program is the business community. When asked why, Mr. Goldberg responded, "It is the skills and knowledge demonstrated on the job that will ultimately determine the value and success of the training, not classroom performance or certification test scores. This is why the entire program is taught from the business' perspective with goals of changing attitudes and behaviors and aligning employees' interests with their employers' interests; in addition to teaching work readiness and customer service knowledge and skills."

Mr. Goldberg is currently in the process of finalizing a deal to implement his work readiness and customer service employee training program in the Community Education Program at Jupiter High School in Palm Beach County, Florida.

DTR Inc. is also offering the opportunity for other qualified professionals to implement this employee training program in their geographic locations. So contact Mr. Goldberg if you are an individual who would like to implement work readiness training classes in a continuing/community education program (propose the program to the school and get paid to teach it from that school), or if you are a venue that wants to implement this

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