DTR Inc. Offering Low "Try the Program" Prices For Its Work Readiness Program In August, 2014

Discounts for both the Instructor Book and Classroom (Student) Book are available in August. Discounts for the Classroom Book are usually only available for venues that purchase a full program. That requirement has been waived for August, 2014.

DTR Inc.’s CEO, Jay Goldberg developed a work readiness program that was called the best work readiness certification program in the United States by a member of the National Skills Standard Board in January of 2003.  The National Skill Standards Board was a coalition of community, business, labor, education, and civil rights leaders. It was tasked with building a national voluntary system of skill standards, assessment, and certification to enhance the ability of the United States workforce to compete effectively in the global economy.

Jay Goldberg’s current program expands, improves and builds on the program he developed in 2003. 

The Work Readiness and Customer Service Instructor Guide has everything needed to implement a customized, competency-based certification training program. A Classroom Book is also available without the answers to the exercises.

Jay Goldberg, CEO

The Classroom Book for his program includes content, exercises and worksheets on four modules: workplace basics, workplace skills, people skills and customer service as well as eight scenarios (two per module) where things go right and things go wrong that can be used as the basis for generating certification tests. Topics for the four modules include:

Workplace basics -  the profit motive of business, absenteeism, tardiness, use of sick days, proper grooming, safety in the workplace, how life style and habits away from work impacts work, avoiding harassment and discrimination at work, dating in the workplace, being dependable, being responsible, the difference between raises and promotions, and more.

Workplace skills -  time management, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, report generation, ethics, task completion, using procedure manuals, importance of continuing education, and more. In order to accomplish these skills, the proper use of reading, writing, and mathematics is explored since the way most were taught these topics in school does not apply in the workplace.

People skills - communication skills: both verbal and non-verbal (personal signals), how to get along with co-workers (including behaviors to avoid in the workplace such as gossiping about co-workers), teamwork and the role of the team leader, how to get along with supervisors (including rules to follow), how to meet supervisor's expectations, the value and purpose of performance appraisals, and more. One exercise included in the book is a role reversal exercise where the participants are put in a supervisory position, and have to make decisions regarding their employees.

Customer service - the concept of a customer-focused organization, identifying internal and external customers, the profit-side of customer service, the importance and role of service measurements, improving service attitudes, active listening skills, conquering communication barriers, choosing words carefully, categorizing customer responses, telephone skills, dealing with difficult customers, and more.

The Instructor Book is a valuable resource in its own right.  The book contains all the information in the Classroom Book (on the same page numbers) as well as the answers to the exercises, module key point summaries that can be used in a review question and answer session to ensure that students/participants absorbed the important information taught, instructions on customizing a competency based training program (including customizable competency statements and tracking forms), and guidance for creating questions for certification tests using the eight scenarios in the book written for use for certification.

The discount code for the Instructor Book is 8C698KL6.  The book usually sells for $35, but can be purchased for $15 in August, 2014.  The web page where the book can be purchased is www.createspace.com/4454977.  The discount code for the Classroom Book is ZRVW2AYJ and can be used at the following web page, www.createspace.com/4505281.  The book is usually only discounted if a program is purchased but now can be bought for $30 each.  More information about the program can be found at www.dtrconsulting.biz/workreadiness.htm.  Both discount codes will be removed on September 1, 2014.