The Second Edition of DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg's book, Building a Successful Business Released

Banks and investors prefer "A" management and "B" products/services over the reverse. This book covers management skills for entrepreneurs and a business plan process that helps ensure that the plan demonstrates "A" management skills.

In late December, 2014 the Jay Goldberg’s book, Building a Successful Business was updated with more current information, some additional information and couple of re-writes. 

The book contains both information and worksheets for a wide range of management tools including business plans, strategic planning (SWOT analysis plus), marketing (sales skills, elevator pitch, advertising, branding, online marketing tools, etc.), cash flow management, customer service, business writing, project management, workplace and people management and much more.

Amongst other venues, the book is used in the course How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business taught in various locations in the Palm Beach County School District’s Community Education Program in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The business plan process taught in the book (and course) goes well beyond most traditional business plan books/courses.  In addition to setting initial business strategies and a document required to get a bank loan or an investor, business plans are:

  • a feasibility study to ensure that the entrepreneur’s idea is a good business, not just a good idea (there is a difference between a good idea and a good business)
  • a financial feasibility study to determine if the entrepreneur will make the money he or she needs to not only cover business expenses but cover his or her personal expenses
  • a measure of the management strengths and weakness of the entrepreneur so that help (staff, consultants, etc.) can be properly budgeted and accounted for the financial feasibility study
  • a tool to help minimize the time from start-up to break-even to minimize debt
  • a sales document to help get funding (so write it like a very very well written poor detective story; and never make a statement that you have not already proven previously in the written plan)

In addition, the book/course shows how to go beyond the traditional business plan to include information which will help demonstrate that the entrepreneur is “A” management.  Banks and investors prefer “A” management and “B” products and services over “B” management and “A” products and services.  Always remember, the person reading your business plan will be getting a mental image of who you are.

The book can be bought at Amazon ( and other online booksellers.

If you would like to teach the course How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business go to and contact Jay Goldberg.

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If buying the book at online booksellers, be sure that you purchase the second edition of the book.