DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg Teaching in Jupiter, Delray Beach and Wellington, Florida This Fall

The four courses he is teaching includes one brand new course. Online registration opens up September 14th. There is a new feature where you can search just for courses taught by Jay Goldberg.

​Jay Goldberg is teaching four courses in the fall term, 2015.  The courses are:At Jupiter Community High School (Tuesday nights) and Palm Beach Central Community High School (Thursday nights):

How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business - this is a very popular course and has value to both start-up and existing businesses.  The failure rate amongst all businesses; especially micro-businesses, is high.  The main reasons businesses fail are no business plan and poor management.  That is why this course covers both.  For business plans you will learn not only the content required, but how to get the information needed, and the strategy to use to help get funding for your business.  The management tools taught include: advertising, branding, sales skills, strategic planning, industry analysis, customer service strategies, elevator pitch, cash flow management, crowd funding, tax strategies, how to do business in Florida, how to work with a bank, and much more.

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At Palm Beach Central Community High School (Wednesday nights):

Get a Basic Web Site Up in Seven Weeks: this is a new course and is not a course to learn how to be a web site developer; but is a course for entrepreneurs and business managers to help them learn the skills to generate, manage, promote, drive traffic to, and properly strategize a basic (not a course on becoming a graphic artist) web site for their business (or hobby).  You will also learn about branding since the World Wide Web is ideal for branding a business.  The goal is that at the end of the course you will have a working web site.

At Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach (Monday nights):

Computer and Internet Basics: this course is exactly as advertised.  It is a beginning course teaching how to use the computer and the Internet.  It starts with teaching basic keyboard functions (it is not a typing course) and how to use the mouse, and then progresses to teaching Windows commands (for example cut, copy and paste) and basic word processing (including manipulating pictures).  On the Internet side you will learn how to go to web sites; how to use a browser (including favorite places); will get a tour of some useful and fun Internet sites; will learn how to use search engines (for example Google) and get a basic understanding of e-mail.

Jay Goldberg is looking to expand his course, How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business to include workshops.  Interested venues please contact Mr. Goldberg through the contact information in this press release.  All information on the potential course provided to third parties will remain the copyright of Jay Goldberg.  Please go to http://www.dtrconsulting.biz/newcourse.htm for more information about the planned course and a statement about the ownership of the course description.