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Custom Gateway Design Feature Now Being Offered to Merchants

MagicPay will be adding a powerful new feature to their website that let's merchant services customers custom-build their payment gateways for maximum efficiency.

With so much riding on the quality and effectiveness of a business' merchant services provider, it's crucial to choose a company that is proactive in how they do business and support the merchant. A strong and growing company should expect reliability, innovation and secure products as well as unswerving customer service and trustworthiness.

MagicPay works diligently to meet and exceed every one of these criteria. The merchant services provider feels that it should always search for and implement new technologies and systems that better serve its valuable and growing client base. This is why MagicPay is very pleased to be able to announce the addition of a cutting-edge program to their services.

Now, customers will be able to visit the MagicPay website and custom-design their own gateways. In this way, a client can setup exactly what they need and in a way that is both highly secure and that best serves them the way they want.

"Not every business is cut from the same mold," commented Rami Levi of MagicPay, "and their needs are different. So why just offer a one-size fits all solution? We believe that our new Gateway Builder system will further hone the effectiveness and efficiency of the merchant account services we provide and allow our customers to streamline their credit card processing."

With their team of talented and experienced programmers and partners, MagicPay has designed the custom gateway to provide a full-range of vital options that offer both top-level security and efficiency. The customer vault feature exchanges customer information for an encrypted token and protects it while being stored in a secured environment. The merchant can easily direct transactions to multiple merchant accounts, enable multi-level payer authentication and utilize optimal currency exchange rates.

Along with many other features, the new MagicPay system can even allow users to switch from different gateways by emulating the way that other payment platforms operate. When combined with batch processing, recurring billing and a virtual terminal, the new gateway system will offer users an unmatched experience and unprecedented control and fraud prevention.

MagicPay is proud to be able to offer this new service to its customers. It is further proof that this rapidly-growing merchant services provider is carving out a well-deserved reputation in the payment processing world. MagicPay continually seeks to find new and innovative ways to serve its customers and to take a personal interest in their success. This customized gateway design system is simply the latest in a series of positive moves.

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