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Church of Scientology Hosts Tony Harnell's 'How to Succeed in Music' Seminar

Tony Harnell is an internationally famous recording artist who is now helping musicians find opportunity and work in the music industry.

The Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre Nashville has a mission. "Our purpose is to help artists," says Corinne Sullivan, president of the church, who continues, "When you elevate the artist, you uplift the entire community."

The Church, located at 1130 8th Avenue South, has booked a seminar with Tony Harnell on January 28th at 1pm who plans to discuss "How to Find Opportunity and Work in the Music Industry".

Harnell was most famous as the front man for the Norwegian rock band TNT for twenty-three years. Harnell started singing at the age of 5. At 17, he joined his first garage band and spent the next three years in approximately 15 bands and at 18 started studying with acclaimed vocal teacher Don Lawrence. He joined TNT in 1984 at the age of 21. Now he is a recording artist, songwriter and producer. According to his website, he signed his first major contract at a very young age and has since traveled the world performing for thousands of fans.

His mother, Constance Haldaman was an opera singer while his father, Boyd Harnell was a photo-journalist. As a young teenager, he was a professional skateboarder and avid surfer.

At his seminar he plans to discuss the business side of music, common reasons a musician would give up, advice on how to stay focused and attain artistic fulfillment.

"We are proud to host these seminars," says Rev. Brian Fesler, pastor of the church. "This is our way of fulfilling our commitment to the artists and creative people of Nashville." The seminar is open to the public.

The seminar costs $15 which includes refreshments and materials as well as two books by L. Ron Hubbard: The Tone Scale and The Cause of Suppression.

For more information on Tony Harnell, visit his website For more information on the church's upcoming seminars for artists, call 615-687-4600.

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