Church of Scientology Hosts First Congress in Nashville

The Church of Scientology is known for its tools to improve one's life. At a Scientology Congress, many of these tools are presented and demonstrated.

This past weekend, the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville hosted that city's first Scientology Congress.

Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard who founded the Scientology religion first began bringing Scientologists and non-Scientologists together in the early 1950s to present his breakthrough materials about the essential components of life. These meetings became known as "congresses," from that word's original meaning as an "assembly" or "coming together." Contained in Mr. Hubbard's congress lectures are milestone discoveries about the spirit and the handling of life.

One attendee of the Nashville congress said, "I feel more confident in myself than I did before this congress. I enjoyed meeting new people as always and felt like I participated with others in a deeper, more enlightening way. The lectures from [L. Ron Hubbard] were very educational for me and have helped me understand myself and the world around me a lot better."

During the Ability Congress, Mr. Hubbard said, "So we learn this other factor: that a person's ability never diminishes, but that his willingness and his knowingness do." The Ability Congress specifically addresses concerns about forging groups and organizations-even uniting nations. The congress was filled with lectures as well as practical exercises designed to help the attendees increase their spiritual ability and improve the world around them.

Another attendee had this to say: "I feel more in control of my own life and feel like things will get even better from here."

"Hubbard delivered these lectures in the formative years of Scientology," says Pastor Brian Fesler, "They were well-attended and very popular. The staff that brought them to Nashville were meticulous in ensuring they are true to their original form." Fesler says this event marked the first appearance of such a service in Nashville.

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