Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville Hosts Internet Marketing Seminar for Artists

Internet marketing guru Tony Rockliff loves to help people. So it is fitting that he will be returning to Nashville to deliver another seminar about internet marketing for aspiring artists.

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville is welcoming Tony Rockliff back for another seminar on internet marketing for artists on August 25th. "Tony has been the featured speaker on SEO, Niche Affiliate Marketing and the dynamics of Internet social community building at conferences across the world, as well as giving seminars to help musicians use the Internet to further their careers," according to Rockliff's website.

Church of Scientology Pastor Brian Fesler says, "A Celebrity Centre has a unique mission to help artists, and part of that help is very practical. We bring in speakers to talk to artists about anything that will help them improve and so imbue the world around them with creativity and prosperity."

The seminar will focus on growing the artist fanbase with tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverbnation, podcasts and more.

Rockliff began in online membership sites in 1995, before there was any talk of SEO or social media. He created Cybertown, an on-line social networking community of people from 155 countries interacting in a 3D Virtual Reality off-world town, set about 100 years in the future. Using Rockliff's own SEO campaigns, Cybertown grew to 1.3 million members, was receiving 1.5 billion hits a year and was in the top 2500 sites in the world in terms of traffic at that time according to Alexa rankings.

His website attracted partnerships with USA Network's Sci-fi Channel, Sony Interactive, Intel, Hallmark Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Star Trek and others and was growing at a rate of 400% per annum at its peak.

President of the Church of Scientology, Corinne Sullivan, summed up why the church hosts these seminars: "Our founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote a great deal about the artists in society. They are the ones who uplift people and set trends and these people deserve to be helped."

Rockliff's seminar is set for August 25, 2012 beginning at 9am at the Church of Scientology in Nashville, 1130 8th Avenue South. Contact the Church at 615-687-4600 for more information. For more on Tony Rockliff, visit his website