Nashville Church of Scientology Spreads Happiness at Freedom Festival

Parishioners of the Church of Scientology in Nashville spread information on The Way to Happiness at the recent Freedom Festival in Hendersonville, TN.

The Hendersonville Freedom Festival is "great fun for the entire family," according to, with its Kidzone area set up with rides and games, and the "best fireworks display in and around Sumner county." This year the festival added a booth about The Way to Happiness.

The Way to Happiness is a book by L. Ron Hubbard which is comprised of 21 precepts, each one based on the fact that one's survival depends on the survival of others-and that without the survival of others, neither joy nor happiness are attainable. In the two decades since it was authored, some 80 million copies of the book have passed hand to hand, thus inspiring the international movement which has found its way to Nashville, TN.

The Church of Scientology and its parishioners greatly support this campaign. "We feel it's our responsibility to pass it along," says pastor of the church, Rev. Brian Fesler. "This book can uplift whole societies, reduce crime and encourage community cooperation."

Chris Hays, a church parishioner who oversees the local distribution program says, "It's so simple and so easy that all we have to do is pass it along to people. Everyone gets something out of it."

Hays plans to reach all ninety-five counties of Tennessee, spreading the positive message in The Way To Happiness. "It's a book about morals and doing what's right," she says, "and people of all faiths want to do what's right."

The book is secular, not part of the Scientology religion. In fact, its only discussion of religion is the advice to respect the religious beliefs of others. Hays feels "that's important in a state where religion is highly valued and highly personal."

Fesler agrees: "Teaching positive spiritual values and a moral way of life has been out of vogue. It's time for to bring back the higher standards of our grandparents, and our staff and parishioners are working to help."

For more information, contact Rev. Fesler at the Nashville Church of Scientology, 615-687-4600 or visit the website: