What Is A Press Kit And Why Should My Business Have One?

A press kit provides journalists and media professionals the information they need to do a story on you, your company, or your products. It can be in the form of a hard copy press kit – notebooks filled with papers and other items. With the technology now available, more press kits are begin created online.

Top Reasons for Your Business to Invest in a Press Kit

Focus – developing your press kit will help you define your company. Explaining something to others can be the best way to understand it for yourself. Writing out who your company is and what your company is about will keep you focused in making decisions about your company directions.

Attention – you are busy working to build your business, so you may not have the time you want to invest in marketing. Journalists and editors are just as busy. They sometimes choose the easier story over the better story. A well-designed press kit will give them both.

Appearance – a company that has invested in a professional press kit will look more professional to those that visit the website. Press kits can be a great place to showcase the personality and uniqueness of the business.

What to Include in a Press Kit

Biographies – you will want to include the pertinent information of all the lead employees (or possibly all employees depending on the size of the company). It is also important to include the biography of the company (when it was founded, where it was founded, and where it is currently located).

Product information – share basic information about products and services that the company supplies. Include links within the content to the more detailed information.

Press releases – include recent press releases or link to the archived content.

Images and audio files – make it easy for a visiting journalist to find all that he or she needs to craft a story about you or your business. Include several downloadable (and quality) images. Embed videos or audios from speeches, presentations, or past media coverage.

Awards and achievements – your press kit is the time to shout out your accomplishments and those of your business. List the recognitions, awards, and other achievements that you may have gathered. Be sure to include the dates they were received and a short explanation of the reasons you were recognized.

A press kit provides journalists with the information that they will need to create a story about you or your business. It can also serve as an introduction of you or your business to potential investors. Because of the accessibility of the press kit, it may also be a way for customers or clients to learn more.

The diversity of visitors to your press kit is another reason that you should invest in a professional and complete press kit. Use the space to shine a spotlight on the business as well as the employees. Keep the press kit professional, but also make room for your unique personality to shine through.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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