Top Five Reasons That Press Releases Can Create Authority

Press releases create authority by providing earned media that shares your story. The more your name and brand becomes associated with a particular topic, the more your authority grows within that field. The more your name grows in that field, the more people – customers, clients, and media professionals – will look to you for expertise in that area.

Anyone can write a press release, and many people do. Each day, media outlets receive press releases and story queries that pile up in their inboxes.  It takes a unique story with a special twist to get the attention of the reporters, journalists, and producers. Once you get their attention, and they share your story, then you will discover the true value that comes from a successful press release.

 Five Reasons Press Releases Create Authority

You and your brand will be recognized by the media as an authority. This means that when the media needs an expert in that area then they will likely contact you. Your authority will provide you with the opportunity to grow even more authority.

You get to tell your story. Nobody else can tell your story as you do. Press releases provide you with the opportunity to tell your story, from your angle, but in a third person narrative. Because you tell the story, you have the opportunity to raise your level of authority on the subject, but always keep the story truthful, as well as engaging.

You are exposed to a wider audience. The media outlets have a greater audience reach than your typical target market. Getting your press release shared through a wide range of markets will get you and your brand in front of eyes that might otherwise miss you. The more eyes that see you, the more that exposure will begin to grow up your authority.

You have the opportunity to provide more than just the story. Include links to other interviews. Include a link to a short biography or history that includes accomplishments, achievements, and other points of expertise. Include links to video that supports the authority you hold in the story. Technology has opened up the door for you to create more authority with each press release that you share.

You gain the respect (or at least the attention) of others in your field. Media outlets that share your press release story are putting a level of trust in your position. This helps to elevate you to a place of leadership within your field.

Building a successful business can be a challenge. Having the support of the media outlets can make the process a little easier. Media outlets will turn to experts in the fields that are in the news. Creating strong press releases can help you generate authority that will lead to more connections and sharing with media. The benefits of being recognized as an authority through the press releases are valuable tools to establishing a strong business foundation.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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