Newswire's top 15 most-viewed client press releases of 2022.

Top 15 Most-Viewed Client Press Releases of 2022

Last week, we shared our top 10 most-viewed press releases of 2022. This time, we’re excited to share the top 15 most-viewed client press releases of 2022.

As a company that specializes in press release distribution services, it’s encouraging to see our customers experience these successes and more through our platform. 

What’s even better is that this year’s list includes Media Advantage Platform (MAP) clients which speak to the power of consistency when it comes to delivering real results and true value.

What are press release views?

Press release views are an important metric for determining a public relations campaign’s success. 

Many factors contribute to a press release’s view count, as forces, both internal and external, will influence the reach of any announcement.

More views means more engagements, and also signals to search engines that content is resonating with peoples’ search intent. 

The higher the view count, the more algorithms will direct people to that content; this is ultimately the goal of good search engine optimization (SEO).

On our platform, a view counts as any time a press release has been viewed partially or in full — whether it was clicked through on a syndicated website or by direct URL. 

In this context, the correlation between view count and an engaging headline is more clear. 

Top 15 Most-Viewed Client Press Releases of 2022

Exact backend metrics are kept private to protect users’ data; only the rankings will be released.

  1. ZetrOZ Systems Shares Successful Strategies for Managing a Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio
  2. Emiru Joins OTK as Its Newest Content Creator
  3. An Expert Guide to Travelling Scandinavia
  4. Northwestern Mutual: 6 Ways to Maximize Financial Security
  5. Due to Popular Demand, bitcoinblack Opens Membership Waitlist for No-Limit Crypto Credit Card
  6. WePlay Esports and OTK Establishes Strategic Partnership
  7. Online Luxury Watch & Jewelry Shop Watches World Lets Customers Pay With Over 100 Different Cryptocurrencies
  8. Fidelity Life: Term Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide for 2022
  9. eFinancial: 5 Things to Know About Term Life Insurance
  10. ZetrOZ Systems’ sam® Ultrasound Technology Expands Clinical Education on Sustained Acoustic Medicine
  11. Nemus Launches Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Blockchain and Land Conservation
  12. National Association of Realtors: Why Industrial Spaces Lead Commercial Real Estate in Bouncing Back From COVID
  13. ZetrOZ Strives for Increased Recognition in Prioritizing the Critical Healing and Repair Process that Continues After Pain Subsides
  14. Largest Spanish Crypto Exchange, Bit2Me Goes Global With Airdrop: 1 Million Participants in 72 Hours
  15. Fidelity Life: How Do Term Life Insurance Rates Differ by Age?

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