Tips To Get the Timing of Your Press Release Right

A successful press release begins with great writing. Your release has to be newsworthy and provide value to your readers. There are other components that can impact the success of your release, including visuals, social shares, your call to action and the timing of your press release. Let’s take a look at a few important tips to help you get the timing of your press release right.

Learn the Industry Rules

Different press release distribution services and experts will have varying advice. Some will tell you that on their site the best time to distribute your press release is in the middle of the week. Others will tell you that Tuesdays are best or Fridays are the worst. Some will say that it’s best to publish first thing in the morning, while others will say at night. 

Learn what your industry guidelines are and what your chosen distribution service has to say about their recommended press release distribution timing. Why learn the rules first? Because then you have something to test against. Try following their rules first and then try something different and compare your results. 

Media Relationships

If you’ve given a journalist or a media representative the scoop on your story, then make sure that you don’t issue your press release until after they’ve released their story. And if you’re pitching to journalists and media reps then make sure that you pitch to them well in advance of publishing your release. You want to make sure they have time to act on the story and get it out before your release is published. How much time is enough? Generally a week or a week and a half should be sufficient. 

Social Media Considerations

Today, because so many press releases are covered in social media and online, consider the days and times that are most popular for social media activity. When are you most likely to get the most shares, comments, and tweets? Align this timing with the publication of your press release to leverage social media. 

Your Sales Cycle

It can also be helpful to align the publication of your release with your sales cycle. For example, perhaps you sell more at the beginning of the month than you do at the end of the month. You might try issuing your release at the end of the month to bulk up sales during that time or you might release at the beginning of the month to capitalize on the natural cycle. 

The bottom line is that you’ll want to do some testing and tracking. Learn when you get the best press release results by identifying the key times for social interaction, media attention, and customer and prospect response. 

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