Tips To Extend the Life of Your Press Release

Press releases tend to have a short shelf life. They disappear almost as soon as they’re published. However, with a strategy and a careful plan, you can extend the life of your release and get more out of it.

1. Visual Interest – Add graphics, photos, infographics, charts, and video to your content. These tend to make press releases more sharable. They’re syndicated more often and they generate more interest on social media.

2. Share on Social Media – Share your press release on social media and integrate the following tactics:

  • Tweet the news with a link to the press release. Ask employees to tweet your release as well.
  • Post your news on Facebook with a link to your release and again, ask employees to post it or share it.
  • Pin any relevant images or videos to Pinterest. Include hashtags to help make the release more searchable
  • Create and post a video on YouTube and make sure to include a call to action or link back to your release.

3. Post the News on Your Web Site – You can share the press release as a blog post and/or publish it on your media page.

4. Send to Your Email List – Share your good news with your email list. Ask them to forward the release to a friend or to share on social media.

5. Follow up with additional information – Consider adding information to the announcement and following up with both social media and your list with the new details. This helps keep them engaged in the information and motivates more activity.

6. Reach Out to Relevant Bloggers – If you’re connected with industry bloggers or bloggers in supporting industries, consider reaching out to them with your press release. You might agree to publish their releases as well.

7. Make Sure it’s a Top Quality Press Release – A good press release is one that is newsworthy and well written. Good releases always perform better.

8. Include a Call to Action – Ask your reader to take action. If you are promoting a product or service, send them to a sales page for more information. Want to build your email list? Send them to your opt-in form.

9. Use a Press Release Distribution Service – Use a service to reach out to the widest audience possible.

10. Make it Scannable – The easier your release is to read, the more likely people will read it, share it, and click on your links.

11. Make it Easy to Share – Include social media share, like, tweet, and pin buttons to help readers share the good news.

12. Add Personality with Good Quotes – Quotes add insight, brand voice, and personality to your release. Good quotes can add life and interest to your release.
Finally, consider following up with another relevant press release. Don’t simply copy your original press release and re-distribute. Instead, take a different angle or update your information and publish a new press release. Track and measure your success to determine which tactics have the most impact.

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