Tips to Create a Press Release That Sells

A press release can have a myriad of goals. Press release goals are often to build awareness, to generate media attention, to drive traffic and so on. One often overlooked press release goal is to sell a product or service. In fact, a press release can be a powerful strategy to increase sales and boost conversions.

A Bottom-up Approach

There are a number of different ways to write a press release. If your primary press release goal is to increase sales then you have to start from the bottom. What are you selling? Why would your audience care? What does the media want to know, and what’s your call to action? Start with the call to action. What link will you include in the press release?

What information will readers find if they click through? It often makes sense to send press release readers to a specific sales page, and not the sales page that you send everyone else to. This helps you in an a few key ways. First, it helps you track clicks for your press release. It also helps you create a targeted sales page specifically written for those who read your press release. You can then create a press release that complements your sales page and vice versa.


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Visuals Matter

Enhance your press release with relevant videos and images. For example, you might include a video demonstration about how to use your new product or service. Press releases with video and images, including infographics, are shared more often and they’re favored by the media. You’ll gain more attention and therefore more clicks and sales, if you integrate visuals into your press release.

What About Opt-Ins?

Often, a more strategic approach to boosting sales is to drive traffic to an opt-in page and to convert press release readers to subscribers. You then have more opportunity to connect to your subscribers and to sell to them. An email list is a powerful tool because it gives you permission to send messages to qualified leads. Consider creating an opt-in and using press releases to promote it. More subscribers mean more sales.

Finally, don’t forget about credibility and social proof in your press releases. We buy from people we trust and consider to be credible authorities. Testimonials, reviews, awards, and concrete information and statistics can go a long way to helping you boost your sales.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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