Tips for Quickly Creating a Social Media Release

If you’re going to write and distribute a press release, you’ll achieve a better return on investment if you make sure it is designed to leverage social media. A social media press release is a release that incorporates social media activity, meaning that readers of the release can share, tweet, comment, like and otherwise engage with the press release on social media.


This of course adds a whole new level of involvement, not to mention a time and energy commitment for those who are creating the press release. The following tips will help you cut back on that time commitment so that you can consistently issue productive social media press releases and take advantage of this powerful channel.

#1 Get Established On Social Media

If your company doesn’t have a solid, consistent, and growing presence on social media then start there. Create a social media strategy and begin to build your following. If you don’t have a presence on the major social sites, a social media press release won’t do you any good.

#2 Create a Video Library

One of the most useful tools that you can include in a social media press release is video. Video is one of the most popular types of content to share and engage with on social media. Yet it can take a company a long time to create a video. You can save on time, and energy, by creating a video library. Use the video content that you create in other marketing and content efforts. Your press release video doesn’t have to be unique. It does have to be relevant. By growing a large library of video your team should be able to find a relevant piece to include in your press release or to edit a portion of a video and share a clip.

#3 Create a Template

Create a template of your social media releases so that your content creation and/or marketing team can quickly cut and paste relevant content into the chosen fields. For example, the body of your social media releases will be your news. In the left or right margins, you might include links to videos, company bios, additional content, and social media pages and profiles. By creating a template, you make it quick and easy to translate any traditional press release content into a format that’s social media friendly.

Finally, consider leveraging the tools, features, and functionality of a press release distribution service that supports social media press releases. Some distribution services offer automatic social media distribution services, along with analytics and the ability to display social streams within your content. If you’re looking to maximize both your time and your social media press release results, this type of service can make it significantly easier to reach your goals.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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