The Benefits of Setting up a Press Release Distribution Account

When you distribute your press release you have a variety of options. You can share it on social media, publish it on your website, and email it to your list and a few chosen media representatives. You can also upload it to a press release distribution service.


The truth is that there are a number of distribution services available. Many of them are free and they vary in what they offer users. You may find that you use the same service each time you distribute a press release, or that you just grab a service and use whatever shows up first on your web search.

When you choose a dedicated service and join that service, you gain a number of benefits:

  1. Better Analytics – When you choose and join a press release distribution service, you often gain access to better analytics and reporting. This information can be the key to optimizing your press release marketing efforts to get the best results. Analytics range from clicks, views, and links, to more in-depth search information about your audience and the folks reading your press release.
  2. Assured Adherence to Timeline – Each distribution service has their own timeline from submission to approval to distribution. It’s easy, when you’re not using a dedicated service provider, to miss your window. Your product may launch before the press release actually gets into the hands of your audience. A dedicated service helps you know exactly when your release is going to be shared.
  3. Consistent Outreach – Press release services offer different channels and media outlets. When you create an account with a service, you know that your press releases are being consistently delivered to your chosen channels.
  4. Consistent Branding – Your press release will have the same look and feel each time you publish and distribute. This is important for creating a strong and memorable brand.
  5. Streamlined Systems – With a consistent service provider, all you have to do is learn the system once. Then you’ll be able to click a button and upload and distribute in a tenth of the time. It’s about maximizing time by utilizing technology and a single service provider.

Bonus Benefit

Leverage the features and functionality that account ownership provides. These features may include editing, enhanced reporting and analytics, social media functionality, video integration and much more. When you sign up for a distribution account with a single service provider, you increase your assets and your ability to get the most bang for your press release buck.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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