Should Realtors Send Out Press Releases?

Realtors, much like other professionals who have to focus more on local and regional marketing than a national or international approach, should definitely send out press releases to help out with their local SEO efforts and gaining online exposure for their businesses.


Why do press releases help realtors?

  • Press releases help realtors establish their authority in their field. Real estate is a highly competitive field and the under-utilized press release can help realtors get more exposure for their business, while establishing them as an authority or a thought leader in that industry.

    Once established as a thought leader or as a useful resource and community leader, the press can start to reach out to you with questions about the real estate industry in your area.

  • Press releases can be used for each new listing that a realtor enters in the MLS system. Because information online is picked up by web crawlers for each search engine, having the address of new listings, complete with neighborhood, city, state, and other important information for the listing can help gain exposure for each listing with minimal effort.

    Press releases don’t just need to be used for new listings, though. Realtors can also get exposure for their businesses because of local events they get involved in, charities they work with, new realtors joining their business, business expansion, and many other newsworthy events.

  • Press releases can be picked up and syndicated past your own reach. Once a realtor writes a press release and submits it to their press release list that they’ve cultivated, there’s no telling how far the reach can go on it. And, as realtors, there’s no way to tell where your next client will find you or where the buyers for your properties will pop up from.

  • Press releases can give your website fresh content in your News page and can be repurposed into blog posts for even more fresh content. This will increase a realtor’s SEO footprint on their page and can help increase their online presence.

  • Press releases can also be repurposed into social media fodder for business pages.

Haven’t press releases fallen by the wayside as a good public relations strategy? Because so much of realtor marketing must be done locally, press releases haven’t been negated as effective PR strategy. Their usefulness has changed, though, with SEO strategies coming into play. It’s important to keep keyword strategies in mind when crafting the informative, high-quality content for press releases.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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